Winner Announcement for Logo Designing Competition for Puneet Sagar Abhiyan

14 Nov 2022

A Logo Design Competition was organized on the MyGov platform for suggesting a Logo for the “Puneet Sagar Abhiyan”. This contest was open to all the citizens of India and was live from 23rd August 2022 to 10th September 2022. Ideas were invited from people to design and suggest the logo for the campaign.

The prime objective of the campaign is to clean the plastic waste along the sea shores, river banks and water bodies. The focus of campaign is on recycling rather than relocating the plastic waste and to generate awareness and educate target population about the measures for conservation and impact of plastic pollution along the sea beaches and water bodies.

The logo designing competition received an enthusiastic response and attracted a total of 4433 entries. The entries were evaluated by a screening through MyGov and submitted to HQ DGNCC. A suitable logo with minor modification has been selected as the logo for the campaign by HQ DGNCC as it describes the essence of Puneet Sagar Abhiyan in a simple and effective manner.

The logo has been designed by:-

Comment Id – 127787101  |     Name – Bansi Lal Ketki

HQ DGNCC along with MyGov congratulates the winner and thanks all the participants for their interest exhibited in the competition.


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