Winner Announcement for Philately Day – First collected Stamp and the story behind it

26 Sep 2022

Winner Announcement for Philately Day – First collected Stamp and the story behind it

On the occasion of Philately Day i.e. October 13, 2021, during National Postal Week 2021, the Department of Posts held a contest on “First collected Stamp and the story behind” on the MyGov Platform. The first 75 entries fulfilling the Terms and Conditions were to receive a personalized giveaway based on “Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav” theme.

The participants (old or new stamp collectors/ philatelists) were instructed to share images of the first treasured stamp along with the story/ memory behind it. Based on the Terms and Conditions all the submitted entries were examined.

There was a total of 135 participants out of which there were only 43 verified winners. The verified winners’ details are as follows:

S No. Name User ID State
1 124718391 KEWIN JOE PHILIP Kewin Joe Philip Kerala
2 124718271 MITEE MANIAR  Mitee Maniar Maharashtra
3 124718241 ONKAR DHONGADE  Onkar Dhongade Maharashtra
4 124718111 BHAWNA Bhawna Punjab
5 124718031 SARVESH GUPTA sarvesh gupta Delhi
6 124717911 SIVARANJINI K E Sivaranjini K E Kerala
7 124717751 ELDHOSE RAJU Eldhose Raju Maharashtra
8 124717541 PRAVEEN SHASTRY Praveen shastry Karnataka
9 124717431 ABHAYRAJ KADAKUNTLA Abhayraj Kadakuntla Telangana
10 124717391 AMIT GUPTA Amit Gupta Karnataka
11 124717351 DR SHAMBHU KUMAR SINGH Dr. Shambhu Kumar Singh Bihar
12 124717311 RANJNA GOYAL Ranjna Goyal  Punjab
13 124717191 PUSHPANJALI KUMARI Pushpanjali Kumari  Jharkhand
14 124717171 KESAVANMUTHUSAMY Kesavanmuthusamy Tamil Nadu
15 124717131 SHABARISH K B ShabarishKB  Tamil Nadu
16 124717101 AMIT SHAH Amit Shah  Rajasthan
17 124717081 MADHAVAN NADAR Madhavan nadar  Maharashtra
18 124717071 ZUBIN RUSTOM KABRAJI ZubinRustomKabraji  Maharashtra
19 124716831 DISHANT Dishant  Madhya Pradesh
20 124716601 AJAY KOTHARI Ajay Kothari  Madhya Pradesh
21 124716481 SWETALINA SAMANTARAY Swetalina Samantaray  Odisha
22 124716331 SANJAY KUMAR BUNKAR Sanjay Kumar Bunkar  Madhya Pradesh
23 124716321 NIKHIL GUPTA Nikhil Gupta  Uttarakhand
24 124716271 GOBIND Gobind  Haryana
25 124716181 SUSMITA SABUI Susmita Sabui  West Bengal
26 12476161 LAKKOJU NIHARIKA lakkojuniharika  Andhra Pradesh
27 124716091 SANTANU DATTA Santanu Datta  West Bengal
28 124715991 PALLAV  Pallav  New Delhi
29 124715781 MONICA RATHI Monica Rathi  Uttar Pradesh
30 124715721 PRAKASH GUPTA Prakash Gupta  Haryana
31 124715401 SYEDA NAZNIN RABBANI SyedaNazninRabbani  Assam
32 124715341 ANSHUL ARYA Anshul arya  Bihar
33 124715321 ASWIN M MENON Aswin M Menon  Kerala
34 124715281 RESHMA Reshma  Kerala
35 124715271 AKRITI KUMARI Akritikumari  Bihar
36 124715261 ABHISHEK KUMAR Abhishek Kumar  West Bengal
37 124715151 RAVI GAUTAM Ravi Gautam  Haryana
38 124715031 SHYAM NARAYAN TIWARI Shyam narayan tiwari  Madhya Pradesh
39 124715001 VEDIKA BALRAJ Vedika Balraj  Uttar Pradesh
40 124714801 NIKHIL MATALIA Nikhil Matalia  Delhi
41 124714641 DR.MANMOHAN BANDARU Dr. Manmohan Bandaru Telangana
42 124714561 SUMAN KAMATH Suman Kamath  West Bengal
43 124717701 Mohammed Irfan Khan Mohammed Irfan Khan Tamil Nadu


Department of Posts congratulates all the winners and thanks all for their sincere participation.

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