Winner Announcement for Vaccination Photo & Tagline Contest for the Month of April 2021

17 Jun 2021

कोरोना से जंग जारी है, हमने तो बाज़ी मारी है।
ये जो भारतीय वैक्सीन हमारी है, कोरोना पे पड़ रही भरी है।
सेंटर निजी हो या सरकारी, तुरंत जाएँ जब आए बारी।

Sanjay Sharma,
One of the winners of the contest

With the start of the vaccination program, millions of eligible citizens came forward and registered themselves to be a part of the World’s Largest Vaccine Drive & strengthen India’s fight against COVID-19.

With the contest recording significant participation from all the sections of the society, we would like to thank all our patrons who displayed their utmost responsibility towards the nation.

MyGov has undertaken various initiatives to strengthen India’s fight against the virus. One such initiative was launching the ‘Share Vaccination Photos of Anyone in Your Family Including Yourself Along With a Tagline & Get Rewarded’ to drive people to not only get vaccinated but also motivate others to do so.

The main objective of this campaign, which began in March 2021, was:
– To create awareness about the importance of vaccines amongst the citizens.
– To inspire citizens to have faith in the vaccination process and come forward to get vaccinated.

Our fight against the virus is our collective responsibility, and it is important that we all come together & wage war against it.

While we received thousands of great entries, click here to view the top 10 for the month of April.

Here are some of the special taglines by the winners on the importance of getting vaccinated:

“मास्क, सैनिटाइजर, और दो गज की हो दूरी,
कोरोना भागे डर के, उसकी है मजबूरी
वैक्सीन जो लगवाए, वो तंदरुस्ती पाए
टीका अवश्य लगाना, जीवन हमें बचाना
वैक्सीन जागरूकता है जन-जन में फैलाना”

“जीवन को है बचाना तो कोरोना वैक्सीन है लगाना”

आइये सभी साथ मिलकर इस महामारी को मात दे और,
कोरोना के खिलाफ सरकार की इस मुहिम में अपना साथ दे

मास्क, सेनेटाइज़र संग उचित दूरी
वैक्सीन भी अब बहुत ज़रूरी

Acquired an weapon to fight Corona

The winners, when contacted, showed great enthusiasm for the cause & elaborated on how they are coming forward to inspire those around them to get vaccinated. They further warned the citizens to be careful regarding fake news doing rounds on social media & reassured that the vaccines are completely safe. We convey our heartiest congratulations to them for their efforts.

We once again would like to thank all the participants for coming forward & taking the COVID Vaccine and contributing their bit in India’s fight against this pandemic. Together, let’s #Unite2FightCorona!

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