Winner Announcement, International Design Competition

28 Mar 2018

Indian Railway Stations Development Corporation Limited (IRSDC) hosted the International Design Competition for Nagpur, Gwalior and Baiyappanhalli Railway Stations, for which consultants were invited to participate under Category – 1 and Students were invited to participate under Category – 2. The last date for registration and receiving Stage 1 submissions (soft copy) was 12th January, 2018. Subsequently, the applicants were directed to submit hard copies of their design proposals along with required documents by 15th January, 2018. A total of 27 and 56 registrations were received under Category – 1 and 2, respectively and evaluated by a panel of jurors, comprising of eminent experts from respective fields. The Stage-1 jury for both categories, was held on 18th January, 2018. A total of 12 participants under Category-1, qualified for the Stage-2 of the competition having met the selection criteria required for qualification. The Stage-2 final jury for Category-1 participants was held on 18th March, 2018, where the 12 participating teams made presentations on their design proposals for their respective stations, in front the jury panel. The Final Results are as following:-

List of participants under Category – 1 (Consultants) who had qualified for Stage-2 after Stage-1 jury

Station Team UID Team


IDC17/C/B1209241 Arinem Consultancy Services
IDC17/C/B1082469 Rdx Architects
IDC17/C/B1251813 Voyants Solutions
IDC17/C/B1214454 Sikka Associates


IDC17/C/G1251813 Voyants Solutions
IDC17/C/G1214454 Sikka Associates
IDC17/C/G1209241 Arinem Consultancy Services


IDC17/C/N1251137 Hiten Sethi Architects
IDC17/C/N1251813 Voyants Solutions
IDC17/C/N1248808 Nivedita and Uday Pande
IDC17/C/N1221819 Creative Group
IDC17/C/N1200625 Enia Architectes


Final Rankings for Category – 1 (Consultants) (After Stage-2 Jury and Financial Bid opening)

Station Ranks Team UID Team


Rank 1 IDC17/C/B1251813 Voyants Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Rank 2 IDC17/C/B1209241 Arinem Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd.
Rank 3 IDC17/C/B1082469 Rdx Architects


Rank 1 IDC17/C/G1251813 Voyants Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Rank 2 IDC17/C/G1214454 Sikka Associates
Rank 3 IDC17/C/G1209241 Arinem Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd.


Rank 1 IDC17/C/N1200625 Enia Architectes
Rank 2 IDC17/C/N1251813 Voyants Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Rank 3 IDC17/C/N1248808 Nivedita & Uday Pande Consultants

Final Rankings for Category – 2 (Students) (Stage-1 Jury)

Station Ranks Team UID Team Institution


Rank 1 IDC17/S/B1244715 1.       Vrinda Jain

2.       Raghav Rayasam

3.       Mohammed Nihal

4.       Michael Vivian Ekka

School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi
Rank 2 IDC17/S/B1227670 1.       Ashish Shankhdhar

2.       Aman Jaitley

3.       Kunvar Vikram Singh

School of Planning and Architecture, Vijayawada
Rank 3 IDC17/S/B1203543 1.       Aswin S. Kumar

2.       Sibin Sabu

3.       Aravind S.

4.       Aleesh Ahammed

5.       Radhika Suresh

6.       Aparna Lakshmy Krishnan

Marian College of Architecture & Planning, Kazhakuttom


Rank 1 IDC17/S/G1245103 1.       Sanjana Jaideep Shinde

2.       Aloka Kale

3.       Sayali Gangan

BNCA – Dr. Bhanuben Nanavati College Of Architecture, Pune
Rank 2 IDC17/S/G1248990 1.       Shruti Jain Jamia Millia Islamia , Delhi
Rank 3 IDC17/S/G1257643 1.       Anshika jain

2.       Anamika Dwivedi

3.       Umair Khan

4.       Poorvi Bharadwaj

5.       Mehul Jain

6.       Smriti Sai

7.       Shubham Aggrawal

8.       Anurat Singh

9.       Ayushi Birla

10.   Saurabh Bhatt

Amity University, Noida


Rank 1 IDC17/S/N1253501 1.       Yamini Patidar

2.       Chitranshu Verma

3.       Pranay Gupta

4.       Nikhil Pawar

5.       Jayati Chopra

6.       Snehal Dongre

7.       Akshita Arya

8.       Sounak Majumder

School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi
Rank 2 IDC17/S/N1247567 1.       Shravan Kumar

2.       Kiran Babu

3.       Bhavya Godara

4.       Manasa Nandini

School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi
Rank 3 IDC17/S/N1193941 1.       Mohammad Owais

2.       Afreen Kamal

3.       Shreya khurana

4.       Aarzoo Ayaz Khan

5.       Mohtashim Ahmad Siddiqui

6.       Ahmad Fareed Shagiwal

Jamia Millia Islamia , Delhi


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