Winner Announcement of #BackToSchool Contest

12 Jun 2018

#Backtoschool results winners

The Ministry of Women and Child Development had launched ‘#BackToSchool’: A letter-writing contest on making schools safe and fun for our children. Entries will be addressed to school principals. The contest aimed at promoting innovative ways to highlight safety of children in schools, educate them regarding gender equality and importance of nutritious food, sensitize them regarding good touch-bad touch and unconventional ways to impart education.

Contest entries were invited from April 16-22, 2018, on MyGov platform and Ministry’s mailing address. The jury headed by Smt. Maneka Sanjay Gandhi, Hon’ble Union Minister for Women and Child Development, and comprising senior Ministry officials selected the following write-up as the winning entry.

To The Hon’ble Union Minister, Ministry of Women & Children Development, Government of India, New Delhi Sub: To make Schools safe & fun for our Children Evaluation Criteria Respected Madam, Today this subject topic has become a burning and talking issue in the society. The reasons are that our education system has become stereo type based on informative knowledge system, mugging & vomiting evaluation pattern & criteria thereafter. We don’t try to bring the inherent natural creative talent of individual child instead of that we give one and same treatment to every child, which is against the law on uniqueness. Our focus remains only & only to make the children achieve the rotten academic excellence. I am happy that you kind Ministry has came out with this contest to improve upon the education system as a whole. To make Schools safe & fun for our Children Evaluation Criteria, here are following ideas/suggestions, which are enumerated below

1. School’s vision should be to make every student a National asset not a liability and try to bring out its very best in every possible manner.
2. Till class-3 there should not be any type of academic evaluation system in the school.
3. No competitive examination whether Government/private should be up to class-3.
4. Academic learning should be aligned with social values and best ethical practices. It should be practical and need to be focused on daily life learning.
5. Everyday there should be compulsory 02 (two) hours creative & fitness classes, which includes outdoor sports, yoga sessions etc.
6. On & off there should be field visits, so that, students can correlate what they have learned and what actually it is. Like going to Stadiums, Parks, Vegetable market, Mall, Bus-stand, Railway Station, Banks etc.
7. There should be customize profile of each and every student, so that, at least each student devote 01 (one) hrs for the activities she/he likes.
8. Every student should be given a platform to perform her/his skills/talent at District/State/National/International levels.
9. Educate children to respect elders, girls and physically challenged persons.
10. Ask them to always work in a team and have creative funs.
11. Teach every student importance of good & bad touches.
12. Make them aware about do’s & don’t when they meet any stranger in anywhere from safety point of view.
13. Install CCTV camera in all vital points of school.
14. Safety signage board should be displayed in various locations in the school. Also it should be discussed in the school prayer meeting every day.
15. Students should come to learn not to mug the learning materials.
16. Schools should be a place of making leaders for the nation in various fields. It should not be a place of business, which is at present. Hope that all those points will help in making Schools safe & fun for our Children Evaluation Criteria and wish that you will try to implement it too.

Thanking you.
With regards,

Congratulations to the winner!!!
The Ministry of Women & Child Development will get in touch with you soon!

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