Winner Announcement of ‘Create a Slogan for Census 2021’

11 Nov 2019

To generate awareness on the importance of Census in India, Office of the Registrar General of India conducted a contest to Create a Slogan for Census 2021 on the MyGov platform. 8502 entries were received for the contest but none could be finalized as a slogan for Census 2021. However, as a gesture of appreciation, 5 contestants have been chosen for recognition. The prize money will be distributed evenly among the selected entries and the selected slogans will be used in different creatives for Census India 2021.

Selected entries for Slogan Creation:

Mukesh Kumar:  106912491
Godhan Singh Negi:  106897631
Neha Choudhary:  106889141
Priya Goyal:  107093601
Govind Patel:  107053881

Congratulations to all!

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