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Winner Announcement of KisanDiwas Quiz by MyGov Manipur

29 Jan 2021

The National Farmers Day in India is also known as KisanDiwas in Hindi. Farmer’s Day is celebrated every year on 23 December, on the birthday of the 5th Prime Minister of India, ChoudharyCharan Singh, also a farmer’s leader, who introduced many policies to improve the lives of the Indian farmers.

“KisanDiwas Quiz by MyGov Manipur” is an initiative of the Department of Agriculture, Government of Manipur. The overall objective of the Quiz was to create awareness about the contribution of farmers in the development of a nation. The competition was open participation from 23rd December 2020 to 23rd January 2021.

MyGov Manipur is thankful to all for participating in the contest.

We are pleased to announce the top five winners of the contest as follows:

  1. Sandeep Shrivastava
  2. B Shivananda Sharma
  3. Akriti Singh
  4. Nitin Jaiswal
  5. Shruti Raj

CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners.

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