Winner Announcement of Know your GeM Quiz

29 Mar 2022

The Hon’ble Prime Minister, based on recommendations of the Group of Secretaries, decided to set up a dedicated e-market for different goods & services procured by Government Organisations / Departments / PSUs. This meant transforming DGS&D into a digital eCommerce portal for procurement and selling of goods and services. Government e Marketplace (GeM), created in a record time of five months, facilitates online procurement of common use Goods & Services required by various Government Departments / Organisations / PSUs. GeM aims to enhance transparency, efficiency, and speed in public procurement by engaging sellers from all over the country. 

A “Know Your GeM” Quiz was hosted in partnership with the MyGov platform by GeM, a part of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India. With 20,015 participants, the quiz was a remarkable success. In accordance with the terms and conditions of the Quiz, the top three winners are to receive a digital gift voucher after completing the quiz in the shortest time possible with all the correct answers.

Prizes (in the form of Digital Vouchers) have been curated by Intellectdesign and sent by CEO-GeM to the Winners:

1st Prize – Rs. 6,000/- each 

2nd Prize – Rs. 3,000/- each

3rd Prize- Rs. 2,000/- each

The 3 winners who completed the quiz in the shortest time possible are as follows:-

First Prize:

  1. Mohammad Salimuddin  (Participation ID – 143320864)

Second Prizes:

  1. Durga Devi (Participation ID – 145388564)
  2. Aadil Mobin (Participation ID – 59292174)

Third Prizes:

  1. Lalit Rajput (Participation ID – 145129724)
  2. Ankur Tandan (Participation ID – 2439474)
  3. Rishabh Srivastava (Participation ID – 59323354)
  4. Sarim Saiyed (Participation ID – 45644514)

Team GeM and MyGov congratulate and thank all participants for their enthusiasm, and hope that they will continue to support GeM and participate in MyGov’s future events.

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