Winner Announcement of National Cyber Security Awareness Quiz

22 Mar 2021


October is celebrated as National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) globally. In order to bring attention to Cyber Security and as a concentrated effort to stay safe and secure online, NCSAM is celebrated all over the world. It is an initiative to put conscious efforts towards ensuring better cybersecurity hygiene and incorporate stronger security measures.

With this objective, DSCI drove a month-long awareness campaign under the guidance of the National Cyber Security Secretariat. The campaign disseminated various content artifacts and reached out to 3.25 million citizens throughout the country.

Furthermore, an awareness quiz was also conducted to test the knowledge and readiness level of citizens around Cyber Security. The overall objective of the Quiz was to create Cyber Security awareness among citizens, to achieve a better security posture for the country, and to empower online users to remain Safe Online. The competition was open participation from 27th October 2020 to 27th November 2020.

DSCI is thankful to all for participating in the contest.

 We are pleased to announce the top five winners of the contest as follows:

  1. Gayathri_28
  2. Valarmathi N
  3. Anurag
  4. Nirasha Patel
  5. Nitin Kumar Patel

CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners.

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