Winner Announcement of ‘Share your Story’ on Appropriate Behaviour During COVID-19

30 Mar 2021

The ‘Share your Story’ on Appropriate behaviour during COVID-19 was an initiative hosted by MyGov on the MyGov platform for the period 6th November 2020 till 31st December 2020. The contest recorded sizable participation. The main objective of this Campaign was:

  • To crowdsource behavioural discipline from citizens across the country and recognize the key contributors.
  • Amplify the best practices gathered from the ‘Share your Story’ campaign through appropriate social media channels.

MyGov always tries to make people aware that India’s coronavirus fight is people-driven. We always need to make an effort to protect ourselves and this collective behaviour will help us fight against this virus and save lives. The real-life stories of protecting oneself and also protecting your relatives, friends and neighbours are highly commendable.

Jury could not restrict to only selecting the best 5 stories, hence 7 BEST stories are selected and will receive a certificate.


Sl. No. Comment ID Name
1 116058911 Harshwardhan_41
2 116078611 Vinay Pandey
3 115956731 Rajeev Kumar Thukral
4 116475521 Rameshrajsinh Chauhan
5 116239011 Aniket Prashant Kakde
6 116040261 Amit Negi
7 115951031 Anshu Verma

We once again would like to thank all the participants for their valuable contributions and extend our best wishes and warm regards for your bright and prosperous future.

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