Winners of the Contests organised by National Archives of India announced

12 Mar 2015

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On the occasion of 125th anniversary of foundation day, National Archives of India, Ministry of Culture organised two contests

1) Designing a logo for125th Anniversary Celebrations
2) An emblem for National Archives of India with a tagline

The announcements for the contest were made on My Gov portal and other sources like facebook page and website of the department. Further, eminent art colleges of the country, National Institute of Design and empanelled firms for the preparation of archival exhibitions in the department were also requested to participate in the contest. Both contest received remarkable response and 262 entries were received for the logo while 1310 entries for the Emblem with a tagline. On the basis of the merit, three entries from following participants were short listed:

1st prize1. Winner for Logo of 125th Year Celebration: M/s Soku Design Corporation,
New Delhi
(1st Prize)
2nd prize2. Mr. Shivam Bhatnagar,
(MyGov User)
(2nd Prize)
3rd prize3. Mr. Venkatesh WN ,
(MyGov User)
(3rd Prize)

Since there is only one prize in the contest, we are delighted to announce M/s Soku Design Corporation as winner for the contest of designing of logo for 125 year celebration. We also congratulate remaining two rank holders and assure them that they will get appreciation letters from the department for their art work.

Despite overwhelming response from the participant for the Emblem of National Archives of India with a tagline, the Committee could not finalise any entry out of 1310 entries received in the contest .They decided that the contest may be re- advertised with more time limit as people may get more period to visualize the art work and tagline for the one of the premier historical organisation of the Nation. However, the entries already submitted will not be considered. The new dates for the new contest will be announced soon.

National Archives express thanks to all participants for their active initiative and concern on the historic moment.

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  • Amit Srivastava - 9 years ago

    Creative corner provides immense motivation and enthusiasm to all the participant.My heartiest Congratulation to all the winner.

  • Amit Srivastava - 9 years ago

    Creative corner provides immense motivation and enthusiasm to all the participant.My heartiest Congratulation to all the winner.

  • Naresh Gunaseelan - 9 years ago

    Congratulations To winner’s

  • revathy_1 - 9 years ago

    congratulation :)))keep going

  • Surinder Kumar Joshi - 9 years ago

    Respected Sir,
    Your Railway Budget for the year 2015-16 is trend setter and is with a difference. It is a good move. There is a dire need to optimally ulitize the existing infrastructure in the first instance and to improve the quality of service.
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  • Karthik Ravi - 9 years ago

    3rd logo created by Mr.Venkatesh WN, is best one.

  • suwarna choudhary - 9 years ago

    All the creations are marvellous. Admired the thought process.Adroit representation.

  • vikas_10 - 9 years ago

    Need to All govt office under CCTV like Court, Treasury , tehsil , registrar office , RTO office , etc .

    All there place take money and many of their are carpeted .

  • Aayush Kaul - 9 years ago

    Congratulations to all the Winners

  • Laxmikant Jain - 9 years ago

    Congratulation to All winners and Participant,Actually 99% people are Contest not for price but for to work for Nation and they are not professionals what ever they work by heart so salute all participant who participate to Build the Nation