World Cancer Day- “I am and I will”

05 Feb 2019

World Cancer Day is celebrated every year on 4th February around the world to commemorate all the efforts put up by the WHO, United Nations, governmental and nongovernmental health organizations to strategies and fight against cancer as well as to impart knowledge about this disease, its treatments and precautionary measures.
This event is aimed to enlighten the people about various peril factors causing cancer such as the use of tobacco, overweight or obese, low intake of fruit or vegetable, less or no physical activity, alcoholism, pollution, indoor smoke, genetically risk factors, overexposure to sunlight etc. This event is celebrated every year by using a particular theme under the banner of cancer in a positive and inspiring way.


The theme this year is “I am and I will” – all about your story and your commitment.
Such is the story that fits this year’s theme, is of a young entrepreneur from Arunachal Pradesh and AMG Accessories founder, Amung Tadu Lollen who had survived stomach cancer in 2017 before she suffered a relapse.


Initially, she used to raise money for cancer patients through her non-profitable outlet AMG Accessories, which sold traditional earrings, decorative flowers, dream catchers, and various new products all handmade by herself and later assisted by a few others. All the profit from the outlet is used to support underprivileged cancer patients for the cause of helping to undergo cancer treatment in the NEIGRIHMS, Shillong. She was also actively involved in carrying out cancer awareness programmes in the state, with help from oncologists in the state, as well as from the NEIGRIHMS. She had always wanted to open a proper outlet for selling accessories to support her cause and was actively involved in raising money for cancer patients before the relapse which led to her demise. Her legacy still lives on and her dream is still being carried out by her families, friends and supporters. She was a fighter and she will be remembered for good.

Many precautionary steps and potent medicines have been formulated over the years and with time, much of health schemes have been initiated for the purpose of helping underprivileged patients of various diseases across the world. One such implemented schemes in Arunachal Pradesh for cancer patients is “Free Chemotherapy scheme at TRIHMS” launched by Hon’ble Chief Minister, Shri Pema Khandu.

Each year World Cancer Day empowers all of us across the world to show support, raise voice, take action and push our governments to do more. Let us spread love, positivity and knowledge of cancer as a message to everyone.

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