Combat COVID-19 with Yoga

21 Jun 2021

Needless to recount again how adversely the global pandemic has affected every aspect of our life. In trying to adapt to the new normal, the lifestyle of people has become morbid to an extent. People have become easily absorptive to stress and anxiety as everyone is confined to their home with frequent exposure to mentally throbbing news and events. To fight against the pandemic, apart from following the protocols and guidelines we need to adopt a healthy lifestyle to keep our body strong with a strong mind and spirit. Yoga is a scientifically approved therapy to keep us mentally, physically and spiritually strong and beautiful. It is the best and holistic alternative for a better lifestyle at the present as we are not allowed to go to a gym or visit a park and it can be practiced in a small space inside our own room. “Be with Yoga, Be at Home”- the theme of this year’s International Yoga Day calls for attention from the people of the world to adopt practising yoga as a compulsory daily habit. This is to ensure an immuned body and an optimistic mentality among the population in fighting against the pandemic.

From preventing to curing many diseases, practising yoga has been proven to be immensely helpful. Here is a basic set of yoga practices approved by the Ministry of Ayush that you can follow to reduce stress and help you keep fit in fighting against COVID- 19.

Stressbuster Yoga practices

Meditative and breath awareness (Dharana and Dyana) helps to reduce anxiety and stress by reducing the cortisol level and enhancing the alpha brain wave. It makes the body stable and calm the mind and balances the functions of the neuroendocrine system thereby enhancing the immune system.

Yoga Nidra (Pratyaahar) reduces sympathetic arousal and emotional distress and improves the quality of sleep. It helps in rejuvenating the body and helps to keep the mind calm.

Nadishodhan pranayama reduces sympathetic activity and stimulates vagal (parasympathetic) activity and decreases stress and anxiety.

Nasal cleansing yoga practices

Jala Neti and Sutra Neti practices help in cleansing sinuses, are beneficial in allergic conditions, and reduce upper airway reactivity.

Kapalabha reduces secretions, helps to cleanse frontal sinuses, and improves pulmonary functions. It is also a very useful preparatory practice for pranayama practice.

Cardiopulmonary regulating practices

Pawanamuktasana series (Joint movements) helps to increase blood circulation and reduce stiffness which enhances joint flexibility. It also helps to facilitate asana practices.

Yogasana practices like Ushtrasana, Utthana Mandukasana, Tadasana, Trikonasana, Vakrasana, Bhujangasana, Sarala Matsyasana, etc. improve chest expansion and cardiopulmonary functions.

Ujjayi increases the oxygen saturation in the body.

Yoga can be a holistic therapy that can add energy, strength, and beauty to the body, mind, and spirit. Inculcate a habit of practising yoga regularly. However, make sure you are properly aware of the do’s and don’ts of yoga practice and follow the right steps of each practice. Otherwise, the result may not be effective. You can join an online yoga class for getting proper guidance or seek help for instructions to be followed from a reliable source or a guide. Be at home, practise yoga regularly and promote awareness about yoga to your near and dear ones for a better and healthier life.


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