10 Reasons Why To BUY on GeM

06 May 2022

In 2016, Government e Marketplace (GeM) was launched to redefine public procurement in India. Earlier, public procurement was riddled with issues like transparency, non-standardization of processes and it was time consuming. Hence Government of India planned to build a transparent and efficient digital platform which connected sellers from all across the country to government buyers.

With the coming in of GeM, Central Ministries, State Governments, PSUs and agencies can access millions of sellers in India. At present, there are over 38 Lakh sellers and service providers registered on GeM. A technology enabled platform like GeM requires no registration or bidding cost, letting buyers to register in minutes and then go on to exploring the products and services available on the portal. Here are some of the reasons why YOU should buy on GeM:

  1. Contactless and paperless – Allprocesses on GeM are digital and requires to manual intervention. It has free registration facility wherein every government buyer can access the portal with ease. It involves no paperwork or human interaction, all you need to do is register, login, search, see, compare and buy the required goods and services.
  2. Large number of sellers and products- GeM has millions of registered sellers from all over India. It also has over 10,000 categories and 48 lakhs + products. There is no cost of registrations and product listing for sellers. Every seller needs to comply with ‘Country of Origin’ as per which he or she needs to prove that all the ingredients required in the making of the products or services are of Indian origin. This helps in realizing our objective of becoming ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat’.
  3. Vast choices, easy selection –With a large variety of products and services available, it is easy to choose as per your requirement. The catalogues available on GeM for all buyers are golden parameter based which help in search, selection and cost optimization. Since there is a vast and rich listing of products and services, you can search and compare on multiple filters like financial, administrative and tech parameters.
  4. Buyer seller incentivization scheme – GeM has initiated a programme aimed to boost the enthusiasm of buyers registered with the portal. It recognizes the largest orders procured by you with recognition on the platform as well as social media through digital certificates.
  5. Technology driven portal – The state of the art portal is designed with latest in technology and in a completely scalable way on cloud. It is further augmented by technologies like AI, machine learning etc. for advanced use cases. The portal is available 247 for transactions by buyers and sellers
  6. Quality of products on GeM – To ensure buyer satisfaction of the products and services received, GeM has put in place mechanisms like vendor assessment, market sanitisation, etc. to ensure quality products and services reaching its buyers, leaving no room for poor quality products and services. Further, after verification including assessment of quality and. quantity, after you issue an online Provisional Receipt Certificate(PRC) within 48 hours, you as the buyer have to Issue an on-line digitally signed Consignee’s Receipt & Acceptance Certificate (CRAC) for that stage within 10 days of date of issue of PRC.
  7. Short bidding and delivery duration – A bid in GeM can be created and published very fast. The buyer can select the delivery duration depending on his requirement. As a matter of fact, during the Corona crisis, GeM further reduced the bid and delivery duration period for Covid products like oxygen kits, cylinders, concentrators etc.
  8. Online ordering and contract generation – There is no human intervention in the process of ordering goods or services or in generating contracts. GeM lets you procure as per your discerned decision and requirement and without any other party involved. The entire process is online and paperless, and it can be tracked on the portal itself.
  9. Integrated payment system – As part of payment system, GeM has integrated with Banks (Gem Pool Accounts – GPA) facilitating you as buyer to process the payment online. Also, GeM has integrated with CPSUs and PSUs, helping them to keep their ERP’s updated with respect to their procurement details done on GeM. All this happens without any human intervention which helps buyers in a big way.
  10. User friendly dashboard– The objective of GeM has been easy of buying for you. There is an availability of an individual dashboard for you as a buyer that is equipped with all modern-day features. You can use the dashboard for monitoring supplies, payments and keeping an overall track on processes.

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