Winner Announcement for IEPFA Mascot Design Contest

29 Dec 2022

Investor Education and Protection Fund Authority (IEPFA), with its manifold endeavors has been persistently reaching out to all sections of society with the objective of making financial literacy easy, accessible, and inclusive.

IEPFA, a statutory body under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs was established by the Government of India implementing the provision of Section 125 of the Companies Act, 2013. The authority has a dual mandate of promoting awareness about investors’ education and protection pertaining to the interests of investors and making refunds of shares, unclaimed dividends, matured deposits/debentures etc., to the rightful claimant through the proper channel. Adhering to its mandate, IEPFA has conducted more than 67,000 on ground Investor Awareness Programmes, reaching 30 lakh citizens of rural, semi-urban and urban areas to spread awareness related messages to the general public such as not to fall prey to fraudulent & Ponzi schemes, thereby protecting small/vulnerable investors.

IEPFA announced a mascot designing contest open for both online and offline entries so that more participants can participate without feeling restricted to express their creativity & ideas about IEPFA’s competition for Investors Awareness and the general public at pan India level.

The contest started from IEPFA’s 6th Foundation Day i.e. September 07, 2022 and run till September 30, 2022. The objective of the competition was to attain IEPFA’s first mascot for awareness messages for public by the public. The competition had two categories based on age groups which may be seen as under:-

  • Category-I: 11 to 18 Yrs
  • Category-II: 19 Yrs and above

The theme of the mascot was based on IEPFA’s mandate only to make people associate with IEPFA initiatives including investors’ education and awareness for all, to save oneself and others from fraudulent and ponzi schemes, financial literacy for all, helpful in assistance to return unclaimed shares & dividends to the rightful claimant, wise ways of investments/ wise ways to grow money, learning financial literacy in fun & simple way, best use of money: savings, budgeting, investments and preventions before investments. The participants were allowed to derive the mascot from objects, animals, people, and even fictional characters or creatures.

The response received from the competition was overwhelming. Many interesting mascot ideas were received during the contest depicting the concept of financial awareness and education, personification and symbolic representation of a guide imparting valuable suggestions about the use of money. Participants from different demographic background from all over the country shared so many different ideas and interpretations expressing the concept of financial literacy, importance of such awareness activities and most importantly the representative figure, mascot of IEPFA which would personify all the relatable aspects which the general public would be able to simply associate or connect easily. After evaluating all the valid entries, three entries from each category were selected by the Committee.

Category A – The top three winners in category i.e of 11 to 18 years age group are :

Comment ID  Position  Name  Age  School 
127949791 1st H. Modi 17 years Basuriwala Public High School,Gujurat
NA 2nd Khushaali 15 Years Delhi Public School, Delhi
127930291 3rd Nikhil Yadav 15 Years Green school, Zadeshwar, Bharuch, Gujarat

Category B – The top three winners of category i.e of 19 years and above are :

Comment ID  Position   Name  Age  State
NA 1st Sh. Arvind Kumar  38 Years Delhi
NA 2nd Ms. Deepmala Bagri 38 Years Delhi
128078671 3rd Ms. Simran Aggarwal 24 years Rajasthan

Considering the level of creativity, innovation, and relevance of the theme & objective the Mascot, “Fundoo”, has been adopted. It is a personification of a money sack signifying treasure & financial wisdom. The mascot is holding an IEPFA book and a pen while representing IEPFA’s mandate of promoting financial education by creating awareness among the masses. The artwork is simple, having lucid illustrations that can be easily associated with and recalled by anyone with the Awareness motive of IEPFA and thereby protecting the investors through awareness activities.

As announced during the beginning of the contest, the winners of each category are to receive first, second and third prize winning amount which is Rs. 10,000, Rs. 5,000 and Rs.2,000, respectively.

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