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Announcing the Winning Entries for E-Greetings for Mahashivratri

23 Mar 2016


Mahashivaratri, one of the most auspicious occasions in India was celebrated on MyGov by hosting an e-Greetings contest. The contest received hundreds of entries. The contest entries beautifully encapsulate the reverence for Lord Shiva.

The shortlisted entries were published on the e-greetings portal (

As per MyGov’s established practice, the three designs most used by e-Greetings users have been selected as winners. MyGov congratulates the following designers for their spellbinding graphics, and encourages more citizens to showcase their artwork:

Kiran PS

First Prize: Kiran PS



Second Prize: Hemanta Swain


Harshal Ghule

Third Prize: Harshal Ghule


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  • Samsul Akhtar - 5 years ago

    Is it possible to change the Name of Aligarh Muslim University & Banaras Hindu University name change to Dharmanirapeskha University. It can help Indian to share religious culture between all community & removed barrier between all community.

  • Samsul Akhtar - 5 years ago

    In India there are very less number of Pilot training Institute as well as very less Pilot is in India. I requesting to our PM Modiji please increase no of Pilot institute Also start course in Engineering college aviation course like electrical mechanical. So that the crises will overcome in aviation sector.

  • Harshal Ghule - 5 years ago

    Thank You !..

  • JANI BASHA SHAIK - 5 years ago

    Congratulations to all winners I hope that from you won more ideas from

  • Gokul Meenakshi Sundaram - 5 years ago

    our hearty congrats to all the winners.