Announcing Top 10 Winners of Unnati Ki Kahani

27 Dec 2016

The dream of a Digital India began in the year 2014 with our Honourable Prime Minister Shri NarendraModi’s far-reaching vision of leveraging digital technology for accelerating growth and development.

PC adoption has played a crucial role in driving digitization by bridging the skills gap, enabling upward socio-economic mobility, and achieving universal digital literacy in the country.

For celebrating Digital India vision, Unnati Ki Kahani was launched to celebrate the efforts of all those citizens who have leveraged PC (2 in 1, desktop or a laptop) to bring about a difference in the society and have over the time, inspired others.

Entries in the form of stories were received across India and revolved on how the citizens had leveraged a PC for making a difference in society and inspired many.

The stories were evaluated basis the intensity of efforts, sustainability and number of people who have been impacted.

We are extremely proud to announce the top 10 winners of Unnati Ki Kahani and wish the winners and participants luck for thriving the digital ambitions.


Here is the list of the top 10 winners and their stories.

AkshayBavda – Researched on defluoridation of drinking water, got a patent for this project and executed it for the well-being of the society.

AradhanaYallatikar – Helped a fellow citizen to run his business more effectively by computerizingbusiness finance & accounting and track the employee performance.

Indu Singh – Successfully ran an NGO and empowered rural women there by improving their soft skills and providing vocational training.

Manaharan – Taught kids in a village schools using a PC and introduced digital literacy in their lives.

Manish Tuli – Implemented online tests, evaluations in schools and also created a website to improve the interactions amongst students and teachers in over 58 schools.

Nitish Sinha – Educated fellow citizens about digital wallets and online banking. Helped citizens by creating their online bank accounts.

Prakash Teli – Leveraged PC for recommending several schemes and ideas to the government for empowering the citizens.

Sujai G Pillai – Created a digital library for a village to make them e-literate and helped citizens to apply and register for jobs and open online bank accounts.

Varsha Dangwal – Introduced various innovative audio and video learning processes at Municipal schools.

Abhiskek Singh – Gifted his PC to his maid’s daughter and helped her leverage it for academic purpose.

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