Announcing Top 60 Winners for India Innovation Challenge Design Contest 2019 Conclave

21 Jun 2021

The India Innovation Challenge Design Contest (IICDC), one of India’s premier innovation platforms for engineering students to create, innovate, aspire and contribute to make a difference to India’s success towards becoming an Innovation Hub. The recently concluded IICDC Conclave, 2019 edition was notable for a number of reasons. Some of these included:

* Participation by 2100 colleges and 1,16,000 students
* A total of 31,045 ideas submitted
* A total of 13,000+ Faculty Mentors endorsing IICDC as a prestigious platform

On June 14th, the Top 60 teams were announced during the IICDC Virtual Conclave. The Top 60 teams will move to the next Phase of the prestigious NSRCEL’s Launchpad program to further their start-up idea from the lab to the market, supported by a product development fund up to INR 5 lakh for each team from the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. After the Launchpad Program, top 20 teams will be further be shortlisted and incubated at IIM Bangalore’s innovation and entrepreneurship hub – N S Raghavan Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning (NSRCEL) and supported through Technical mentorship from Texas Instruments.  The Top 20 Incubates will also receive support from Department of Science and Technology with a seed fund of up to INR 20 Lakhs each during their incubation.

Dr. Anita Gupta, Head of DST said “The journey of IICDC for the past five years has been fantastic. Many students have been part of IICDC program. It has touched upon few thousands to lakhs of students participating in this initiative. Hundreds of patents have been filed and a variety of societal problems have been addressed. This could be possible only by an active role of our partners, Texas Instruments, NSRCEL@IIMB, AICTE and MyGov. Collectively, IICDC has been steered and finds a prominent place in the entire innovation eco system. Additionally, it’s also noteworthy that even during the Covid times, many of these students driven Startups have pivoted and have come forward to tackle the challenges head-on especially teams such as CHMI and Pupilmesh who pivoted their idea and have worked on the Protective Gears and Face Shields PPE’S, making their valuable contribution to India’s fight against Covid”

Speaking on the association, Prof. Sahasrabudhe, Chairman, AICTE said, “There are numerous problems faced by our society in terms of agriculture, healthcare, education, transport, energy, water, housing, security etc. Our students from the technical education system do learn a lot of theory subjects however its quintessential to apply these theories into practices. And unless programs like IICDC platform are presented as a challenge to them, we will not witness much of innovation, patents, workable products or intellectuals’ properties created in our country. All around us, there are societal challenges and problems. Every time, the student sees these challenges, they need to connect with the knowledge they have gained in the college and apply them to arrive at a solution. This is where creation of ideas which are out of the box begin to germinate. IICDC plays a key role in supporting and converting these ideas to workable products or prototypes along with business and technical mentoring. The program has been proved in creating a robust ecosystem for the startups”

Ms. Poornima Phadke, Program Leader of TI University Program said “Despite the Covid situation in our country, the teams worked hard towards completing the early stages of their dream venture through an online evaluation. Their tenacity and unwavering commitment to create technological solutions for the country despite the huge challenges of our current times is highly appreciated by Texas Instruments”.

Professor Venkatesh Panchapagesan, Chair, NSRCEL at IIMB said “We are living in tough times. It is challenging to be an entrepreneur especially if you are a student. However, these challenges are also opportunities. As goes the saying “When life throws a lemon at you, make a lemonade.” I would encourage the students to look around for opportunities and work towards using these opportunities to your benefit. There have been several student startups in the past who have pivoted their ideas and have today established themselves as a successful startup. This will be the fourth students batch we will be working with, and we at NSRCEL are excited to work with them.”

IICDC’s success would not have been possible without the support of partners like DST, IIMB, NSRCEL and MyGov. Additionally, Texas Instruments also takes this opportunity to thank the numerous evaluators and mentors, the deans, the principals, the head of the departments and the faculty who were involved in the process every step of the way, for being a part of the IICDC journey.

Among the winners were the team from Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology, which won the TI India Chairman Award for Technical Innovation for their project on Integrated Battery Charger for E-bikes and scooters from any household supply without the need of carrying a separate charger. Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar was the first runners up for their innovation, ‘Let’s go Farmers’ and Sri Manakula Vinayagar Engineering College was adjudged second runners up award for their innovation, ‘Shyla Industry 4.0’. Students from Bhartiya Vidya Bhavans Sardar Patel Institute of Technology won the TI India Women’s Initiative Network Aspiring Tech Talent Award for their innovation, ‘Penta Innovators’.

We wish all the winners the very best for their future endeavors!

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