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Announcing Winners for Innovation Challenge for Disaster Risk Reduction

19 May 2017

The second meeting of the National Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction (NPDRR) was organized by the Ministry of Home Affairs, as an initiative to bring together different stakeholders such as policymakers, disaster management experts, administrators, scientists, community leaders and private stakeholders for comprehensive consultation on disaster risk reduction and preparedness. This meeting   took place on 14th and 15th May 2017 and was attended by 1000 delegates such as senior ministers from state, Centre and UT governments, international organizations, media, NGOs, etc.

An exhibition was also organized at Vigyan Bhawan to provide space to a few startups working in the field of disaster management, such as GPS based solutions, search and rescue operations, reconstruction, low cost shelters, etc., for showcasing the initiatives during this meeting.

This meeting saw the collaboration of MyGov and NITI Aayog’s Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) to identify innovative startups in the area, via an open and online application process.

Around 330 completed applications from a large variety of applicants representing all the major sectors were received, which were later appended by some more.

Out of these, two lists of companies were identified by AIM and segregated as ‘Recommended’, and ‘Standby’. The selection was done keeping in mind broad representation across sectors. Special focus was placed on applicants who demonstrated new IP or an innovative use of technology for disaster risk reduction or disaster management. Emphasis was on the fact that selected companies either had to have 3-10 demonstrations, or commercialized technologies, or potential technology that had a large application potential. The list included representations from most of the suggested sectors and from a variety of backgrounds – startups, companies, NGOs.

The highlighting factor was that the selection was made only on the basis of the information provided in the application; AIM had not met these companies, neither had it undertaken due diligence apart from reading the application material thoroughly.

Name of organization Sector Details Details of product or service
GreenOcean Research Labs Pvt Ltd Remote Healthcare support in disaster hit areas ASHA+ a multi-vitals monitoring device that can monitor blood pressure, blood glucose, temperature, pulse, O2 Saturation, ECG, torch and stethoscope. It has Bluetooth connectivity and rechargeable battery to enable remote monitoring access
Stratus Environmental India Pvt Ltd Risk and cleanup of hazardous groundwater & soil Hollow stem Auger drilling for contaminated sites, Air sparging and soil vapour extraction for in situ soil and groundwater cleanup. Unique Environmental Drilling and monitoring well building techniques for hazardous contaminated sites.
Fork IT GPS based solutions, Search and rescue operations, Disaster-related telecommunications, Other a) Android app (Surakshit) for situational information messaging, crisis mapping, GPS-enabled search & rescue b) Communication mesh box (XOB x.1), 36hr+ battery backup, seamless networking (coverage NLOS 600-800 m), data processing barring Internet.
SandG Innovators Search and rescue operations, Risk assessment Bore Well Rescue Operation, search of subject in deep well operation, Identification of Gases substrate in disaster area, open well challenges in rescue operation
SIX SIGMA HEALTHCARE, Delhi GPS based solutions, Search and rescue operations, Disaster-related telecommunications, Disaster risk prevention through earthquake proofing High Altitude Medical Rescue (First in India) and Mobile App – Disaster Alert: Real time location finder app work without internet. It’s satellite based app.
Cortex Construction Solutions Pvt. Ltd. GPS based solutions, Disaster risk prevention through earthquake proofing, Risk assessment QuakeSavo is a GPS-based free mobile application for Rapid Visual Survey of buildings for potential earthquake damages. QuakeSavo has not developed any building code or policy on its own; it is based on globally accepted earthquake standards.
Stonesoup Waste Management in disasters We do waste consulting and provide reusable menstrual hygiene products that prevent unhygienic conditions created by disposable products like sanitary pads and diapers
ideaForge Technology Pvt. Ltd GPS based solutions, Search and rescue operations, Reconstruction, Risk assessment, Other Product: NETRAv2 VTOL UAV and SKYBOX Fixed Wing UAV
Sri Sathya Sai Organization, National Disaster Management Team Fire fighting, Search and rescue operations, Low cost shelter, Disaster risk prevention through earthquake proofing, Risk assessment Fire rescue, flood rescue, earthquake evacuation, emergency transportation methods etc.
BharatRohan Airborne Innovations Private Limited Risk assessment We will demonstrate how pests and diseases in the crops can be foretasted even before they become visible to naked human eyes. Our technology will identify pests at the onset of infecting a plant so that the disaster can be averted before epidemic

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