Anti Profiteering Committee under GST

20 Aug 2019

If Tax rate reduced – Prices should be reduced

After the implementation of the goods and service tax system (GST), the rate of tax applied to many items by GST Council has been reduced. It is clear that the value of the goods should be reduced. If a merchant does not reduce the value of the item after tax reduction, then any consumer / person can register a complaint against that merchant at the anti-profiteering committee on the following email address.

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Flats – Taxable @ 1% & 5% under GST

GSTN has fixed the tax rates from 01.04.2019, on sale of affordable and non affordable flats at 1 percent and 5 percent respectively, for which construction has started after 01.04.2019.

In the affordable category, 60 square meters under metro city and less than 45 lakh and 90 square meters in non metro city and flats of less than 45 lakhs have been kept. On this, GST is applicable at the rate of 1 percent. Other flats have been kept in non-affordable category which GST will be charged at the rate of 5%.

If a builder tries to recover more GST then it can be complained in the anti-profiteering committee. In the anti-profiteering committee, the complaint is to be made in the prescribed form, which is attached.


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