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18 Nov 2020

Arunachal Pradesh also known as the land of the dawn-lit mountains is located in the easternmost part of India. Arunachal is the heavenly abode where the sun scatters its first ray of light. The beautiful state is inhabited by 26 major tribes and about 100 subtribes, and home to a substantial amount of exotic floras and faunas, both discovered and undetected.

If you believe in simple living, if you wish to find serenity, or learn an age-old culture & tradition, then while planning for your next travel destination, you might want to consider checking these places in Arunachal Pradesh out.

Here are some of the places one can visit while planning a trip to the land of the rising sun, Arunachal Pradesh.


1.ParshuramKund, Lohit

Unearth your inner spirituality in the sacred realm of pilgrimage with a picturesque backdrop. ParshuramKund has a historical, mythological and religious significance. Situated within the Kamlang Reserve Forest area,  Lohit River, Arunachal Pradesh, ParshuramKund is also associated with Mahabharata. Each year in ParshuramKundMela, thousands of pilgrims visit the place to wash off their sins in the river.


2. Dong Village, Anjaw

Watch the first light of the day at the easternmost part of India, at Dong village, Anjaw District, Arunachal Pradesh.Dong is a small picturesque village inhabited by the Meyors just 7 km away from Walong, and is situated in the left bank of Lohit River. Snow-capped mountains and beautiful pine forests make the place immensely inviting.


3. Emugo Hills, Dibang Valley


Trek in the 7 Lakes and series of magnificent valleys at Dibang Valley. As the name suggests, the Seven lakes trek is one of Himalaya’s best kept secrets – seven breathtakingly beautiful high-altitude lakes nestled among the green hills. The place offers open valleys in lush green carpet of tall grasses and ferns, this trek will take us up to an elevation of almost 4000 meters into the glaciers that feeds these lakes and rivers below all throughout the year. The best time to visit is in spring/summer, when you will find whole valleys covered in wildflowers.


4. Hong Village, Lower Subansiri

Explore and uncover age-old culture & tradition at one of the largest villages resided by the modest Apatani community. Hong village is situated under Ziro circle, Lower Subansiri district, Arunachal Pradesh. TheApatanis have a unique lifestyle that focuses on living in harmony with nature. This little valley and its people have much to offer to those seeking beautiful unexplored regions.


5. Mechuka

Find solace in the small hamlet nestled up 6,000 feet above sea level in Mechuka Valley, West Siang, Arunachal Pradesh. Mechuka is known for both its religious and historical significance as well as its picturesque view.It is one of the popular tourist destination in Arunachal Pradesh due to its scenic beauty, exotic tribes, gentle hills and snow-capped mountains and River Siyom (locally known as Yargyap Chu). The Siyom River, which flows through Mechuka also provides a breathtaking view in the valley.


6. Sela Lake, Tawang

“Birthplace of the 6th Dalai Lama”


Explore Tawang, the western part of Arunachal Pradesh, a place which will flatter you with its natural beauty wrapped in the scent of spirituality.Tawang is particularly famous for its endless scenic, religious & historic beauty, such as TawangMonastery, Mandala Top, JaswantGhar, Sela Pass and Sela Lake etc.


7. Miao, sub-division of Changlang

Bring your expedition to Miao, the gateway to Nampdapha National Park. Shielded between the tall mountains, mighty Noa-Dihing river and dense forests, Miao is a sub-division of Changlang District, Arunachal Pradesh. Apart from being a peaceful township, it also has plenty of tourist attractions to offer with the Namdapha Tiger Project, a mini zoo, a museum etc.

Here, we just unearthed some of the exotics locations of Arunachal, until we reveal more…


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