Bendao Baglai Waterfalls: A less explored destination in Dima Hasao

21 May 2019

When we hear about Dima Hasao, the first thing that comes to the mind is Haflong. It is the only hill station in Assam which is a popular hotspot with the tourists. However, besides Haflong there are also several lesser explored destinations in Dima Hasao that call for our attention. Bendao Baglai Waterfalls is one of them. Bendao is known for its pristine beauty and crystal clear water. Its terrain is not for the faint hearted and is a heaven for adventure junkies.

About 13 kms from Haflong, there is a village named Samparidisa which has been declared as one of the Swachh villages of Assam by the state government. Bendao Baglai Waterfalls is located around 3 kms from this village. This area is home to three magnificent waterfalls nestled amid the lush green forests of Dima Hasao.

In Dimasa language, ‘Bendao’ means two sisters and ‘Baglai’ means to jump. As per popular belief, two sisters took their own lives by jumping from one of these three waterfalls. It is believed that the waterfalls got the name from this incident.
Bendao is like a heaven for adventure lovers and trekking enthusiasts. An intense trekking from Samparidisa village through the dense forests located 3 kms away will lead you to these beautiful waterfalls. It takes around 5 hours to complete the entire trek. Even though the journey might be a little difficult, what waits for you at the end will leave you spellbound.

Things to remember while visiting Bendao:

• The road leading to Bendao from Samparidisa village is not an easy trek and requires mental preparedness and physical fitness.
• Wear trekking clothes and proper shoes as the terrain can be a bit rough.
• It is necessary to take a guide along with you to reach the waterfalls. Guides are easily available for tourists at the local Eco Tourism Society of Samparidisa village.
• It is advisable to take your water bottle and food along with you. Remember not to litter the place with empty water bottles and food wrappers in the forest.
• The trek is not recommended for people with physical illness or weakness.
• Knowing about the place and the trek from local people, before starting the trek to Bendao, is helpful.
• While there, do respect the local customs, traditions, culture, way of living, etc. of the place and speak accordingly to the people.
• Under no circumstances, should you litter the village. The villagers are conscious citizens and maintain a clean environment.
• Best time to visit is July-September.

How To Reach

• The distance between Haflong and Guwahati is approximately 330 km. By road, the distance can be covered in 6 hours. One can go by train as well.
• The distance between Haflong to Samparidisa is approximately 13 km. By road, it takes around 45 minutes to reach the destination.
• Trekking starts from Samparidisa village.

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