Best Unexplored Places in Madhya Pradesh

11 Jun 2018



Madhya Pradesh is the second largest state in the country with archaeological structures, countless monuments, forts and handicraft market. MP Tourism has ensured that every tourist once visits The Heart of Incredible India. There’s something special about going to these unexplored locations that few travelers venture to.  Madhya Pradesh has few secret places where you can enjoy the fascinating landscapes and witness our rich history. Let’s take a virtual tour of the lesser known places in Madhya Pradesh



Situated at the meeting point of Vindhya and Satpura forests, Amarkantak is a stunning destination in Madhya Pradesh. Apart from being a pilgrimage destination, it is also a popular hill station and a great place to visit for meditation. You can also explore the tribal culture and their rituals by visiting the nearby villages. You can attend aartis and visit hot spring at Dhuni Pani and Sonmuda, which is the main source of the river Sone.

Asirgarh Fort, Burhanpur


Located about 20 km from north Burhanpur district, Asirgarh Fort is an Indian fortress that is located in the Satpura Range. It was built by the Emperor Asa Ahir of the Ahir dynasty, which expands more than 60 acres area. Here a mosque is built with a lord Shiva temple and there is a fort inside the temple to visit. Explore the beauty of a monument that once held esteem and prestige.



Patalkot is a mystical valley in the Tamia tehsil of Chhindwara district in Madhya Pradesh, India. There is a belief that after worshipping ‘Lord Shiva’, Prince Meghnath, son of Ravana had gone to Patal-lok through this place only. Patalkot is famous for many medicinal uses of the local flora. You can also interact with the Gond and Bharia tribes during your visit to this location. The natural beauty leaves you awestruck and gives you an exposure to tribal living.



Situated in the Lalitpur range of hills, Deogarh is a village which reflects the beauty of rural Madhya Pradesh. Deogarh was once a fortified city and was an important place to see the Jain architecture. It is a must to visit Dashavatara Temple, buy Chanderi sarees and go for a picnic at the Matatila Dam.



Tikamgarh is believed to have been found by Bundela ruler Rudra Pratap Singh and was once a part of the Orchha kingdom. This small yet significant town is famed for its majestic fort. Visit Garh Kundar Fort which is located on a high hill, surrounded by striking forests and hills.

Narwar Fort


Narwar Fort is a historical fort situated at the top of a hill in Shivpuri district. Rajput in style, the architecture of the fort has flat ceilings and multifold arches. As you walk through the fort, you can see the walls of the palace decorated with glass beads and vibrant paint.

Shivpuri Chhatri


Close to Gwalior city in Madhya Pradesh, the small town of Shivpuri is well known for the Chhatris, located in a formal Mughal garden. These Chhatris showcase Indian history and has a number of famous monuments.



Located in Chambal Division, Bhind is known for its architectural beauty and is a must-visit for all history buffs who are traveling in Madhya Pradesh. Replete with fine temples and other historic structures, Bhind is known for its beauty, calmness and it is also famous for its ancient temples and historical structures like Ganesh temple, Ater Fort, Jain Temples of Baranso, Mata Renuka Temple and Fort of Gohad.


Visit these breathtaking views and explore the unexplored places in Madhya Pradesh.  You would be surprised by how much this state has to offer.

Happy Wandering!!



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