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14 Jun 2016



The main Idea of Smart City is to develop ‘compact areas, create a replicable model which will act like a light house to other aspiring cities.’
This Live Talk was chaired by many experts from different Fields and areas. Presence of Hon’ble Mayor, Hon’ble Commissioner (Bilaspur), Government Officials , Industrialists, Doctors, Business persons, Professors from Universities , Social Activists, Real Estate/Builders, NGOs made this event a successful event as it gave a stage for expressing their suggestions and ideas for smart city on a single platform. MoU’s were signed for getting organisations involved in the Smart City Process.
Everyone involved in this event were full of enthusiasm about their City being involved in Smart City. During the Live talk many new and innovative ideas came up about what citizens want in their city to develop towards ‘Smartization’.
After the successful sum up of the Event, a Mobile Van for Citizens to give their views and ideas was flagged off by Hon’ble Mayor. Kiosks were put up all over the city to get more and more involvement of Citizens in the Smart City Idea. Focussed Group Discussions would be organised to get suggestions from the common people of the city.
Smart City Team

Conversation with  Hon’ble Commissioner

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