Building a cleaner Arunachal Pradesh – with Magic Club Arunachal

22 Feb 2022

Building a cleaner Arunachal Pradesh – with Magic Club Arunachal

Building a cleaner Arunachal Pradesh – with Magic Club Arunachal

Keeping up with the maintenance of cleanliness can sometimes be a difficult objective to achieve. One of the many reasons for this is the lack of self-responsibility when it comes to the disposal of garbage from various residences. The lack of sincerity and negligence from the collectors can also result in unwanted accumulation of garbage. Just like the rest of the country, Arunachal Pradesh is not an exception when it comes to the matter of cleanliness and the problems pertaining to it. The Swatch Bharat Abhiyan launched by the Government of India has really accelerated the efforts of Government bodies in keeping the cities clean and maintaining sanitation in the state. Taking up the maintenance of cleanliness as their moral responsibility, many non-governmental organisations have also taken matter into their own hands by putting their best efforts into cleaning the littered roads and places of Arunachal Pradesh, and sensitising the common masses on cleanliness and its importance as well. The Magic Club Arunachal is one such body.

A noble cause

The Magic Club Arunachal is a social-voluntary club, dedicated towards making Arunachal Pradesh a greener, cleaner and an incredible state of India. Established in 2014 by one Ijum Gadi, the club has its headquarters based in Itanagar and it comprises a group of volunteers  who are trying their best to carry out Building a cleaner Arunachal Pradesh – with Magic Club Arunachal various environment centric programmes and campaigns across the state. The club members voluntarily gather themselves every month to take up tasks that will help clean up the dirtied areas. This is also an endeavour to make people realise the gravity of the matter pertaining to the current scenario of ever increasing pollution in the state. The club since its establishment has been working efficiently towards the said cause and has earned praises from the government bodies as well as the common public alike.

The work

Building a cleaner Arunachal Pradesh – with Magic Club Arunachal The club members organise cleanliness campaigns in public spaces, where they not only clean up the litters accumulated, but also run awareness programmes in order to sensitise people on the importance of cleanliness and its maintenance. The ‘Use Me’ programme is another initiative of the club where they install dustbins in various parts of the state. The dustbins provided are self-made ones and they aid in preventing litters from being thrown here and there in places where there aren’t any dustbins to be used.

In another innovative approach, they have come up with the distribution of self-made ‘Use Me’ bottles for the vehicle users, to be used for tobacco spitting, and minimize the menace of open spitting in public places.

During the peak of pandemic, the club joined hands with various governing officials in distributing relief items to the needy people. The district administration of Itanagar have recognized their spirit in serving the people selflessly, and acknowledged their work through certificates.

Since the year 2016, they have also been conducting Annual Winter Clothes Drive where they distribute warm winter clothes to many families from various regions of the state. Other notable things the Magic Club Arunachal engages in are Plantation Drive (Go Green), Garbage Outcast Mission, Social Awareness Camp, Plastic Free Mission, Youth Orientation, Blood Donation Camps, Social visits to orphanages and Old Age Homes etc.; along with miscellaneous Charity Programmes as well.

Building a cleaner Arunachal Pradesh – with Magic Club Arunachal The Magic Club isn’t the only organisation working towards making Arunachal Pradesh greener and cleaner; there are other group of people working selflessly for the betterment as well. However, most of such work go unnoticed in the public eyes.

Members of these groups like the Magic Club Arunachal are not receiving anything other than the peace of mind while doing the noble work. Thus, recognition from both the Governing authorities and the public is crucial in motivating them to bring in better results than before. And while one concurs on supporting groups like the Magic Club Arunachal, it should be well comprehended that the responsibility of working towards a greener and a cleaner Arunachal Pradesh must be shared by all.

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