Building a Skilled Tomorrow: SKILL ON WHEELS

03 Aug 2018


The success of a nation always depends on the success of its youth and it is the Skill India programme that can evolve a skilled nation. Skill India Mission, launched on July 15, 2015 was envisioned by our honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi to empower the youth of our country with specific skill sets, making them employable and productive in their work environment.

The Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship has introduced various initiatives to reach out to the vast rural areas that have been inaccessible or are remotely distanced.

What is “Skill on Wheels”?


With an objective to create importance of skill among youth, “Skill on Wheels”, an innovative concept has been specifically designed to advocate Skill India initiatives among the rural youth. The aim of the programme is to also spread awareness where career mentors are available at doorsteps of the institutes in the Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities.
National Skill Development Corporation in association with RiiiT-Finishing School, initiated the concept called Skill on Wheels which has been supported by GSS and Dhatri Foundations.


SKILLATHON: A platform to create skill awareness for the potential candidates which include dropouts, graduates, post-graduates. It aims to reach one million across PAN India.

TECHATHON: Techathon is an annual hackathon for programming and computer science enthusiasts, young entrepreneurs and members of the public from all over India. Today, the way we work and the skills we need to thrive in our jobs are driven by technological innovations so this concept can also build the skills of the youth in India.

TEACHATHON: Teachathon is a concept specifically targeting teachers who aim at bringing innovation into teaching field by blending technology and knowledge. This would help the students by having an early interface with technology.
3I-SUMMIT (Industry/Institute/Investor):3I-Summit is a platform where the investors can act as a bridge for the youth, promote entrepreneurship under PPP (Private Public Partnership) Model. This initiates a chain of the network between all the three stakeholders and help in generating employment. It also provides the crucial platform for all those who want to be a part of the Skill India mission by investing in Skill parks, institutes or Skill Universities.

IDEAPRENEUR: Ideapreneur is to empower the youth for entrepreneurship development program, a platform for young creative minds to explore the possibilities of a new idea to create new India. This ideapreneur club will start in all the institutions where this is a pre-startup platform for the candidates along with their academics, which can shape up to a potential Startup.

RISE – (Rural Inclusivity to Strengthen Employment): RISE is the unique platform to connect job opportunities especially for rural youths. It will help in increasing the employability of the candidate for the livelihood, to connect with the job providers.

An innovative concept of ‘Skill on Wheels’ has covered 30 District and 129 Talukas across Karnataka, which has reached with 2.57 lac students and job seekers. This concept will be replicated in 10 more states and similarly across the nation and to reach one million youths in India, through Skillathon, Techathon, Teachathon, RISE, 3I-Summit and Ideapreneur.

Skill on wheels will help youth to enhance their vocational skills and lead them to learn multi-skilling. There will be less dropouts, skilled workforce, increased career development opportunities, innovative entrepreneurs; thereby leading India to be a skill capital of the world.

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