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The Next Major Cash Crop of Arunachal Pradesh?
09 Jan 2022
It was in the month of October last year (2020) when Arunachal Pradesh emerged as the first state in India to obtain an organic certification for kiwi. The certification was provided by the Mission Organic... Read more..
The Next Major Cash Crop of Arunachal Pradesh?
29 Dec 2021
[caption id="attachment_102963" align="alignnone" width="510"] P.C. twitter@DiethoRhakho[/caption]   It was in the month of October last year (2020) when Arunachal Pradesh emerged as the... Read more..
23 Dec 2021
A big step towards Arunachal’s fight against Covid-19 By crossing 100 crore vaccinations in the country, India has stepped on a significant milestone in the fight against COVID-19. This was... Read more..
Empowering Women as Entrepreneurs in the State
25 Nov 2021
It is undeniably a fact that women in India have possessed the entrepreneurial ambitions since ages. Especially in the state of Arunachal Pradesh where women exercise more freedom in comparison to some... Read more..
05 Nov 2021
Digitalization has always been an important talk of the day for India. It launched the “Digital India” program (2015) to empower India digitally in the domain of technology. Under the initiative,... Read more..
26 Oct 2021
Local Cuisines to try in Arunachal Pradesh In the recent years, Arunachal Pradesh has emerged as one of the most popular tourist spots in the country. What attracts people to the land of the rising... Read more..
16 Sep 2021
Perhaps one of the most precious gifts India has ever sent out to the world, yoga remains a popular activity to many people irrespective of ages and regions. Yoga, as we know it is an ancient Indian... Read more..
05 Apr 2021
A festival to welcome healthy and a prosperous new year, Torgya festival is celebrated by the Monpa community of Arunachal Pradesh. This three-day festival is popularly celebrated during the first... Read more..
23 Feb 2021
In today’s generation, tattooing is considered to be a popular trend that is used as a form of expression or a style statement, and in some cases, it is also a sign of rebellion. The trend of getting... Read more..
11 Dec 2020
'Chalo Loku pe nocte loku'  , the melodious song truely captures the enigma of the festival Chalo, that Noctes hold unto themselves and celebrate with great love and vigour. The lyric means 'Chalo Loku... Read more..