Citizens contribute enthusiastically on MyGov platform for Clean Ganga, Digital India and Incredible India

27 Oct 2014


The Clean Ganga, Incredible India and Digital India Groups on MyGov citizen engagement platform for participatory governance have emerged as significant and powerful forums for citizens to put forth their suggestions and concerns regarding cleaning the Ganga, tourism and the Digital India Mission respectively.

Clean Ganga

Discussions and Tasks on the Clean Ganga Group have brought to light unique and enterprising recommendations to restore the pride of Ganga. The Group consists of 3 discussion topics and 9 tasks.

Select Comments & Recommendations (Discussions & Tasks):

Some suggestions –

1. Please restore atleast 20% of the natural flow.

2- Please declare 200 KM area from Gangotri as critical forest zone with no permanent constructions allowed in this zone.

3. Atleast 50 KM no development zone/ Forest area after every major city for river to recover.

4. Restoration of all tributaries of Ganga

5. Please build and maintain clean toilets and dustbins. Also pls install bins (Nirmanyakalash) where offerings like flowers etc can be collected separately.

Dear Modi sir i have one idea to clean ganga is that if we made small ganga ponds near ganga that of every city where ganga is situated, we can connect directly ganga ji with this ganga pond with a net in between river & pond. In pond people & pilgrims sadhu n sant pour their materials of puja, mil , flowers & all, during evening or night one disposal van will collect all waste & garbage from that pond by this way we can clean 80% ganga waterfrom waste.

Kolkata is successfully using Ganga to drive its traffic. About a milion people travel daily through river Hoogly (Ganga). The waterway can be used across West Bengal and may be extended to Bangladesh through river Padma flowing through Rajmahal. This can be doneanywhere in India and will significantly reduce cost of building roads.

धमॉचायॅ,पंडीत,धमॅगुरू काे पूजारी का संमेलन बुलाकर,गांव,नगर,तहसील,बडे,छाटे शहर में बुलाकर पूजा करनेकी वैदीक पध्ध्ती समजानी पडेगी, नदी की स्व़च्छता के लिऐ हमें फुल और पुजा कि सामग्रि को नदी में नही डालना चाहीए,मंदीर में चढाऐ हुऐ फुलाे का कीसान को देना चाहीए,कीसान ईसी का खातर(खाद) बनाकर अपनी जमीन ऊपजाव बनायगा,और वही फुलो से धूपसली बनायगा,तो अपने भारत देश की नदीया,मंदीर स्व़च्छ रहेंगे तो अपना भारत देश सुंदर बनेगा.वन्दे मातरम् ,भारत माता की जय

Atul Kumar: Cleanliness at Ghats (River Banks) There are various river Ghats in Patna. Patna, being an ancient historical city has many of its historical aspects attached to this holy river. The washer men and the poor people living near the banks of the river are directly dependent on the river for bathing and sanitation purposes. Suggestions• Develop religiously acceptable places near the rivers so as to accept the worship materials thrown into the river.• Develop proper infrastructure and provide people jobs to act as vigilantes . Security to be beefed up on Ghats.

Digital India

The Digital India group has received an amazing response from the citizens both in the form of discussions and tasks. The response of the citizens itself epitomizes the interest and the commitment of citizens to take the Digital India Initiative forward, and in the process promote a transparent and efficient connect with the government and provide a streamlined public delivery system.

Select Comments & Recommendations (Discussion & Task):

Establish small centres for villages based on their population at which villagers can do and learn & activate e-banking and SMS banking as well as enough publicity should be made of the centre with good service. After a few days, centres should be handed over to the villagers. Main centres at urban areas will be there for maintenance. Software in native languages will be helpful in this case.

First & foremost step should be that the day a child is born; the digital account should be opened with all relevant details within a month. Instead of birth certificate this should be issued. All his future academic certificates should be in dematerialised form in that account and no admissions to school without this account. This account number should be used for all future applications like ration card, passport, insurance policy, bank accounts etc. so no need to fill those lengthy forms every time.

Roll out one program in private as well government owned television channel about this E-Access. This program will start from basic till advanced level. Program should be in multiple languages so that all people in our country can easily adapt it and utilize these services easily. We can also roll out this program in regional TV channel as well.

Palash Sarkar: I accept this task because few days ago me and my friends .. invite a computer center for 7days free computer training about basic knowledge of computer and in what way it’s works. We called all boys and girls of our locality and huge number of brother & sister was participate that program. The program was not much expensive. Our purpose was generating knowledge to our brother & sister. Because they are not enough financially strong to get computer course.

Ankit Bansal:
ham ek bus/van main mobile computer lab bana sakte hai us me 20 laptop/computer lag sakte hai us me cost kam karne ke liye ek mastar computer use thin client ke help se 20 monitor laga sakte hai use cost bhi kam ho jaye gi aur us bus me internet ke sath gps bhi hoga jis se hum monitoring kar check kar sake ke wo village me kitne time ruki wo bus/van ek din me 8-10 village ko cover kar sakte hai ya mobile lab har distt mein ek laga sakte ha jis se har village me har bacha computer ko jan sake

Incredible India

The Incredible India group is a unique initiative to involve the citizens to collectively promote tourism across the country and especially promote unexplored regions on the global stage. The discussions and tasks on the Group have got an overwhelming response on how to make India more attractive for tourists and make it a better experience for them.

Select Comments & Recommendations (Discussion & Task):

All forts / palaces should developed in PPP mode and hand it to 3 to 5 hotels depending on location & property. It should be given on long lease or management basis so local tourism is developed along with that fort and tradition are also maintained, most of forts are in rural area this will also help in rural economy and our young generation will attached to history of BHARAT

Respected SirIt may be proposed, for crowd sourcing application to be developed which will not only capture the pictures taken by the tourist but a tourist may share his feedback on lodging, boarding and transport facilities. There are a number of places in states wherein the places are yet to be identified, by the application we could also discover those areas. The application will definitely attract tourist from globe and also will help in creating livelihoods for the local community.

Conveyance (Mobile Apps, Clear Sign Boards,Rest rooms, Clear tariff and at least 2 modes of transport),Cost ( Package deals b4hand, convergent tariff for food items everywhere, registered guide facility), Lodging ( Audit of lodging facility, easy booking via app and phone), Information ( spoonfed updates of all parameters as police stns, shops, temperature, traffic,tourists, food ratings, audio instruction kit,medicine bus no etc)

Saurabh Katare:
A number of things can be done to improve spiritual tourism; primarily for international travel, the government will have to create an image of a clean and safe country. Further the facilities and infrastructure has to be greatly improved to make travel easy and make travel a fun experience. There has to be greater awareness amongst people that we need to treat guests to our country better through the media campaigns and deterrents like strict implementable policies. We should promote the culture of hospitality within the country and dissuade parochial lattitudes. Another aspect is to streamline facilitation procedures at airports and extend it throughout all the touristtouch points. The government needs to advertise more for the local festivals, the native fairs, thelocal cuisines inthe local papers and the radio stations to draw large people from close by areas. Nationally, we need to implement Campaign Clean India and improve sanitation which is very critical while “on the go”.

Vinod Kumar Singh:
Making place of stay in village with internet connectivity, Provide transport facility, information of local area, guides and translators for interaction, visit to skill center, exchange and marketing of local handicrafts. providing micro banking support, organizing cultural evenings and exchanges. Shall create model rural tourism centers. Taking photos and by help of NIC creating website for these center. Arranging training and language training by sending locals to foreign embassies.

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