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Citizens to stop for ‘Red Light’ Signals, not ‘Red Beacon’ (Lal Batti) Culture

24 Apr 2017

In yet another move depicting that citizens are the foremost priority of the Narendra Modi Government, it has been announced that VIP vehicles in India can no longer have red beacons atop. This decision will come into effect from 1st May, 2017 onwards. This move is seen as a step towards curbing the existing ‘VIP Culture’ within the country and it comes as yet another assurance to citizens that there is no hierarchy among citizens and everyone will be treated equally, under the regime of this government.

Citizens have often raised complaints about delays in their plan if the road they are taking are blocked to let a ‘lal batti’ vehicle pass. The government felt that the citizens are being affected due to this practice and hence pushed for this move with immediate effect.  Based on the new rule, only emergency and relief services, ambulance, fire service etc. can use beacons atop their vehicles.  This landmark decision was taken at the Cabinet Meeting held on 19th April, 2017 and will apply to everyone including the President, Prime Minister, Union ministers, Chief ministers, State cabinet ministers, Bureaucrats and Chief Justice, judges of the High Court and Supreme Court etc.

This move is yet another step towards inclusive governance where leaders and public receive equal privileges as citizens of India.  Setting the example himself, recently Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s convoy went to the Delhi airport without imposing any traffic restrictions that disturb the common man, to receive the Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

This decision will come as a huge relief to the common man who was earlier forced to wait due to the VIP movement. This is yet another example of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi walking his talk on the ‘Less Government and more Governance’ promise.

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