Closure Announcement for Logo, Name and Tagline for Digital India Startup Hub (DISH)

06 Jul 2023

Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) under the Digital India initiative has envisaged an umbrella program with the broad objectives of augmenting and accelerating all MeitY supported start-up initiatives as well as creating greater synergies among various bodies/ societies of MeitY for ensuring optimal utilization of assets and resources. The proposed Digital India Start-up Hub (DISH) initiative is to be developed as a unique, high-impact, digitally-driven platform which proposes to create further value for tech start-ups. Creation of DISH will not only integrate and strengthen all existing schemes and programs but also assimilate all new schemes and programs into the envisaged digital framework. This will lead to enhancing benefits and implementation through a single window for start-ups.

With reference to same, the challenge through MyGov was launched for coining the Name, Logo and Tagline competition for the proposed Digital India Start-up Hub (DISH) with the approved award money being disbursed from MSH. The challenge was launched on 31 May 2022 till 10 June 2022 for inviting applications, during this period a total of 874 applications for name, 864 applications for Tagline and 364 applications for logo has been received.
The screening of the applications has been done by MSH team. Out of the total number of applications “Nil” was found to be creative and relate to the theme. And this is to state that “No Name, Tagline or Logo was found suitable for the competition”.

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