Closure Announcement for the of Citizen EV Perception Survey for Shoonya — Zero-Pollution Mobility campaign

02 May 2023

Shoonya – Zero Pollution Mobility” is a consumer awareness campaign, which aims to reduce air pollution by accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) for ride-hailing and deliveries in cities. The campaign focuses on (a) a corporate branding programme to recognize industry efforts, (b) a consumer awareness drive to promote awareness about the public health and environmental benefits of EVs, and (c) resource toolkits to enable businesses and individual customers to understand the financing opportunities, emission and cost benefits of EV, and national and state EV policies.

The Shoonya campaign came together with MyGov India to launch a survey to understand the public perception of EVs in India. The survey was launched on the MyGov platform on 10th January 2023. We are closing the existing survey and are excited to announce a new EV perception survey on the MyGov platform.

We appreciate the efforts of all participants and thank them for their overwhelming interest, and enthusiasm in participating in the citizen EV perceptions survey.

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