Contribution of Entrepreneurs Towards The Economic Development of Arunachal Pradesh

19 Jan 2019

Arunachal Pradesh is one of the developing states in India that has manifested a lot of developmental change lately in different sectors. All credit goes to its rising number of big and small scale entrepreneurs, and also to the various schemes run by the government to help these entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs are innovators who ideate and develop businesses on their own. And it sparks the growth of an economy, both regionally and nationally. There are many entrepreneurs rising in the state of Arunachal Pradesh, and many of them are tapping into the abundant natural resources that are available to them. Arunachal Pradesh is already rich in organic and locally produced products like handicrafts made of locally sourced bamboos, organic hand looms fabric, organic food, and local wines ( Rice and Millet) etc. Most of such goods produced in the state are sustainable and produced without degrading the state’s vast natural resources.

The startup culture holds tremendous potential for a place like Arunachal Pradesh, where people have a strong understanding of the sensitive eco system, the culture and the social fabric as well as the changing scenario of the modern times. As such, productive ventures by local talents can contribute positively to the economy through the possibilities presented by entrepreneurship and innovative startups. The state needs goods and services that can improve the living conditions of its people, and which present an inspiration for more people, especially the youth to tap into the possibilities within the state and start their own ventures.

An entrepreneur can contribute to economic growth in many levels such as:

Investment – They can invest in ventures that they really believe in, that they feel can enhance the economic and social fabric of Arunachal Pradesh and which will provide value to the people. It will also help the economic growth if he or she produces products that are qualitative and reliable for the consumers. The rise of disposable income and consumerism due to various factors are a good sign in many ways for entrepreneurs to invest in new and innovative (small or large scale) companies.

Employment – Arunachal Pradesh has a growing number of skilled graduates, but most of them are either unemployed or are being forced to rely on low income jobs due to the lack of opportunities in the state. Investment in new kind of goods and services by entrepreneurs will help create employment opportunities for the many skilled workers in the state. More employment means more disposable incomes by household which will lead to more opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Diversity in Goods and Services – The state has an abundance of untapped natural resources for entrepreneurs to make use of. It’s a good opportunity for entrepreneurs to produce goods and services that are close to the state’s culture and tradition. Entrepreneurs can use their innovative skills and creativity to produce different and a variety of products and services using local resources.
It is accorded that entrepreneurs are the backbone of modern economies. It is their immense contribution that helps nations to grow as a whole and serve the society to make the world a better place. And one of the reasons many foreign countries or India itself is progressing into a dynamic, innovative and prosperous nation is because they focus more on different business entrepreneurs and startups.

Arunachal Pradesh started off its entrepreneurship chapter through the passion and commitment of a bunch of people who’ve been performing incredibly well in the state as well as globally. The likes of Techi Anna, winner of the prestigious Vasundhara NE Woman Entrepreneur of the Year award for the year 2016 – 17 and known for her contributions towards excellence in handicraft and Mr. Takhe Tamo and Mrs. Tage Rita Takhe (winner of the Vasundhara NE Woman Entrepreneur Award), a dynamic couple from Hong Village, Ziro Valley who’re the country’s first kiwi wine brewers are inspiring an entire generation through their dynamic approach.

Entrepreneurship calls for creativity, innovation and passion, and at the same time it creates opportunities for the people to bring forth their skills. As such, the Arunachal Pradesh government is focusing on skill development of its people, and encouraging its citizens to take advantage of all these initiatives. In the link mentioned below, we have provided an overview of some of the schemes that have been made available for the people to further accelerate the possibilities of entrepreneurship in Arunachal Pradesh.
An entrepreneur’s contribution to any economy is of great value and they play a significant role in shaping the future of a state and a country. And in bringing together the people and enabling them to tap into the opportunities that are designed for them, we look forward to taking Arunachal Pradesh to new levels of development by promoting this aspect of economic sustainability through a more robust framework.

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