Dedicated Helpline Service for Senior Citizens

10 Apr 2020

A senior citizen couple, AK Sinha and his wife, resident of Kapilavastu, behind Ranchi Women’s’ College Science Block, are one of the many senior citizens residing in Ranchi who are confined to their homes all alone during the 21 day Nationwide lockdown.

Recently, Mr Sinha’s mobile phone stopped working due to some technical glitch, due to which they were unable to talk to their children residing in other cities. This made them gloomy and highly disappointed, as they were unable to attain sense of solace and peace during the trying times of lockdown.

With help of their neighbour, Mr Sinha called the local District Administration’s dedicated Helpline number for Senior Citizens to express their problem. This message quickly circulated across various volunteer groups being managed by the District administration and the couple soon received an SOS call from one of these groups.

Ms. Srity Sagar, Young India Foundation volunteered to arrange for a JIO Keypad phone for the couple which in turn solved their problem, helping them re connect with their children again.

COVID-19 Helpline for Senior Citizens, being a Ranchi District Administration initiative, is a dedicated Helpline for elderly and senior citizens residing in Ranchi. One can provide help, assistance to such senior citizen couples and other individuals with the help of this dedicated helpline during the 21 day Nationwide lockdown. Timely help of Ranchi District Administration is just a ‘message’ or a ‘phone call’ away to all the people in need.

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