DeitY launches SIP-EIT Scheme to support MSMEs and Technology Startups

24 Mar 2015


In a bid to boost innovations from entrepreneurs in ICTE domain, Department of Electronics & Information Technology (DeitY) has rolled out SIP-EIT a Scheme to Support International Patent Protection in Electronics and IT for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and Technology Start up Units. SIP-EIT provides financial support for international patent filing to encourage innovation, recognize the value and capabilities of global IP and leverage the growth opportunities in ICTE sector. SIP-EIT scheme is for a period of 5 years upto 30.11.2019 and applications are to be filled online ( The details of the scheme are available online at

Innovation and IPR Division
R&D in Electronics Group

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  • Zulkharnine Sultana - 8 years ago

    where as in MSME such fast developments of creation not possible, lack of awareness kept behind.This includes patents,copy right and trade mark. Patent is very expensive.Corporate sector can effort where as MSME could not effort in their business.Software copy right can prevent copying of code having a set of instruction and registration of copy right.IP protection is crucial initial step, but effective IP management means more than just protecting. This is Extrated from my submission to FISME

  • Sanjeev Pomani - 8 years ago

    How Serious is Govt of India (Honourable PM Mr Modi Govt – Modi Sarkar) about implementing GST ? still Await the reply on last Email how the 3 types of GST Like CGST, SGST & IGST would Set off with each other & How will India become Seamless Business Network with so many GST how will India become User friendly.As a Small Medium Enterprise how many Dept & local bodies one has to satisfy.Bcoz if Dual Triple GST is introduce how it is becoming Single Indirect Tax structure ? How GST purpose meet?

  • nithyanandham s - 8 years ago

    Department of Electronics & Information tamil nadu government online service not support help for income nativity birth deth certificates service in people

  • nithyanandham s - 8 years ago

    Please connecting msme scheme to MES scheme because wehout skill development

  • Ankur choubey - 8 years ago

    Please connecting msme scheme to MES scheme because wehout skill development are not possible.

  • bharti yadav - 8 years ago

    @Santoshb BR – The link to share on Facebook is available at right hand side just above the title of this blog.

  • pradeep kumar agrawal - 8 years ago

    a very bright initiative by the govt.all should pass on the information/comments received from this site to others.

  • bharti yadav - 8 years ago

    I believe this imitative taken by Department of Electronics &IT is a great step towards empowering the MSMEs and startups by helping them protect their intellectual property, while also giving acknowledgement to their efforts towards innovation.

  • Santoshb BR - 8 years ago

    Great initiative. Any reason why we dont FaceBook link to share this Blog.
    It is nice if we can share this from this page.

  • JANI BASHA SHAIK - 8 years ago

    Good comeited and boosting with SIP-EIT For develop to MSME’S/ STARTUP UNIT’S