DeitY launches SIP-EIT Scheme to support MSMEs and Technology Startups

24 Mar 2015


In a bid to boost innovations from entrepreneurs in ICTE domain, Department of Electronics & Information Technology (DeitY) has rolled out SIP-EIT a Scheme to Support International Patent Protection in Electronics and IT for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and Technology Start up Units. SIP-EIT provides financial support for international patent filing to encourage innovation, recognize the value and capabilities of global IP and leverage the growth opportunities in ICTE sector. SIP-EIT scheme is for a period of 5 years upto 30.11.2019 and applications are to be filled online ( The details of the scheme are available online at

Innovation and IPR Division
R&D in Electronics Group

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  • Shashank Moghe - 8 years ago

    Why restrict this wonderful initiative to the Electronics and IT sectors? There are innovators in all fields of technology! We should have a technology specific initiative for each field, or one all encompassing system for all fields. Ultimately, just Telecom and IT would not bring about the revolution we envision, every technology sector is important and should be included!

  • anoop aravind - 8 years ago

    This is not only required in MSMEs/Startups; i personally think this is required in Govt. as well. So that the one who comes up with some idea either implements it across the country or coordinates with others to implement across the country. Else what happens is, his idea is taken in bits and pieces and incomplete reinvention of wheel start happening. which takes up both money and time of govt and citizen. Ultimately seldom does a better product in comparison to the former ever come up.

  • Solomon Nadar - 8 years ago

    Please think of creating a national patent pool by buying up patents to help MSMEs in India, though I’d suggest that such a pool, on paper, be managed by private groups to avoid getting labelled as ‘state sponsored’. To grab market share it would be better if these pools are based on open source philosophies especially in the hardware sector like CERN’s OHL policy. India can even use these patent pools as a strategic leverage by making them available for free to companies that contribute back.

  • SHAURABH SINHA - 8 years ago

    Last year, Idea Cellular MD Himanshu Kapania had also said that OTT apps like Viber have had some impact on their International calling business, but on regular voice calls, there was no impact.

  • SHAURABH SINHA - 8 years ago

    Net Nutrality:
    There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that VoIP services like Hike or Skype are cannibalising voice revenues of telecom operators. In fact, heads of more than one Indian telecom operator have clearly stated the same over the past few months. For example, Airtel India CEO Gopal Vittal had said during the company’s earnings conference call, earlier this year, that there’s no evidence of VoIP cannibalisation of voice services. Last year, Idea Cellular MD Himanshu Kapania