Digital Locker Scheduled to be Launched on 1st July 2015 by the Hon. Prime Minister

22 Jun 2015


How are you storing all your important documents such as PAN card, passport, mark sheets and degree certificates today? They must be stored in physical format in a folder. We share these documents and their paper copies with other agencies as proof of identity (PoI) and proof of address (PoA). To store all these physical documents is a difficult task not only for you but also for these agencies. Moreover, authenticating the originality of these documents is a cumbersome task for the agencies. And have you ever wondered about the safety of these documents in case of fire or theft? So, it is very important to bring the issuers of the document, the citizens and the user agencies on one platform.

To address all these concerns, Govt. of India has created a platform calledDigital Lockerthrough Department of Electronics and Information Technology, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. The beta versionof the application was released on 10th February 2015.

Digital Locker is scheduled for a national launch on 1st July 2015 by the Hon. Prime Minister.

What is Digital Locker?

Digital Locker is a key initiative under Digital India program. It aims at eliminating the use of physical documents and enables sharing of verified electronic documents across agencies. Digital Locker provides a dedicated personal storage space in the cloud to citizens, linked to citizen’s Aadhaar number. It will enable various organizations registered on Digital Locker to push certificates of citizens directly in their Digital Locker in electronic format. Citizens can also upload and securely store the scanned copies of legacy documents in Digital Locker. These legacy documents can be electronically signed using eSign facility. A citizen can share these electronic certificates online with various departments and agencies registered on Digital Locker while applying for the services provided by them. Thus, Digital Locker brings the citizens, issuers and requestors on one platform.


What are the key benefits of Digital Locker?

Digital Locker will provide secure access to documents issued by various agencies. It uses authenticity services provided by Aadhaar. Digital Locker will minimize the use of physical documents by use of the electronic documents. It is easy to validate the authenticity of these documents as they will be issued directly by the registered issuers. Digital Locker will reduce the administrative overhead of departments and agencies created due to paper work. It will also make it easy for the residents to receive services by saving time and effort as their documents will now be available anytime, anywhere and can be shared electronically.

How to Sign up for Digital Locker?

To Sign-Up for your Digital Locker, you need your Aadhaar number and a Mobile number that is linked to that Aadhaar Number. Here are simple steps to signup –

  1. Visit the Sign up page of Digital Locker.
  2. Enter your Aadhaar number in the Aadhaar Number box and click Use OTP button.
  3. A one time pin (OTP) will be sent to your mobile through a SMS.
  4. Enter this OPT in the OTP box and click Validate OTP button.
  5. The application then asks you to create a username and password. Enter these details and click Submit button.
  6. On successful registration you will see My Certificates page. You are signed up!

So, if you are not already signed up, you canclick here to create your own Digital Locker today!

To know more about Digital Locker, please visit the Resources page of the Digital Locker.

To visit the blog on beta release of Digital Locker click here.

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  • Satyajit Routray - 8 years ago

    Appreciate the initiative. the It would be great if we launch this on mobile platform as well. We would all the government and private agencies should validate from here only.

  • VK Dilawari - 8 years ago

    Pl strengthen UID to include A to Z information about oneself on the pattern of Security No. of USA.Poor and good students should be able to get loans on lesser interest rate,it may also be linked with credit card history and incentives thereof may be linked and many more suggestions can come forward. All the incentives should be automatic and not based on human judgement.

    • Satyajit Routray - 8 years ago


  • RK SINGH - 8 years ago

    Modi Ji’
    We are proud to have you as our Dynamic PM who has first time thought and taking this country towards advancement i.e., in digital age. The Indians IT engineers have proved with their skill to develop the other countries but they were never been given chance to do this effort for our country(India). Your initiative for digital India will certainly bring transparency in future for economic development of this country. Try to implement Plastic Money linked with UID also. Thanks

  • Sudip Majumdar - 8 years ago

    Its a innovative approach, will save valuable time and risk of carrying these documents will be no more.

    But, what happens when you don’t have Aadhar Card or number? Many people have not been issued the same. Passport option should be also there till Aadhar card is issued.

  • Paramjeet Singh_2 - 8 years ago

    If the Government implement this service in all the government departments including Judiciary in order to reduce the paper work, then it will prove a revolutionary step for India. It not only facilitate the availability of documents in online form with authenticity but also force the authorities i.e. Officers to do the work on routine basis and provide the necessary document to the reach of general public.

  • Nishant Bhushan - 8 years ago

    Will it provide job to the unemployed persons without filling any job form as the documents are already submitted through digital locker ?

  • Siddharth Dalmia - 8 years ago

    Indeed a good initiative by GOI,
    How about a system to similarly create a national database for medical records…such a HCL avitas

  • amit khadria - 8 years ago

    This is very-3 useful & great step but i think a document &certificate verification system also must.
    Document ki copy par For use… clause dalna bhi acha h.
    Doc. ka misuse rokne k liye portal se copy etc par security ka dhyan diya jaye.

  • sanat nayak - 8 years ago

    The programme is a nice and really helpful to the people. I just want to know people those who don’t have Adhar Card will register to digital locker website?

  • Samadhan Manore - 8 years ago

    best luck