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Dr. Piyush Bhise, the first COVID-19 doctor- patient in Akola district

24 Jul 2020

On March 29, Piyush got admitted to the hospital and got discharged by April 12. His happiness of going back to his family was short-lived, however. After coming back from the care centre, he quarantined at home for 14 days. “When you are locked inside the room for quarantine, I had lost touch with the outer world,” he says about his home quarantine experience.

Working for long hours made Piyush suspicious of getting in contact with the infection. “I saw it coming,” said Piyush. A feverish lady came to their hospital but before she was taken to a government hospital, she passed away. The entire world collapsed around Piyush and his staff when they found out that the woman had later tested positive. “At that moment, our qualifications, credibility, and knowledge crash down when we know the test is positive despite taking all the precautions,” Piyush expressed his grief over his positive result. “We all know there is no treatment, no vaccine, and everybody just responds differently to the disease.” After admission, he started reading everything about COVID-19. He suffered from chest pains but he tolerated the illness well.

“At such a stage, we only think about getting out of the situation. I spoke on the phone to my parents about how much I miss homemade meals.” It was time for Piyush to return home and this return was special! His entire colony was present to welcome him. Piyush couldn’t control his emotions for the kind of support he received and was out of words to express his gratitude. His friends and family encouraged him to post inspirational videos about his journey.

But instead of instilling fear, Piyush wanted to use the element of positivity. “In the video, I asked people not to panic, continue taking their medicines regularly, follow the doctor’s advice, and get rid of the worry.” Piyush also highlighted the stigma surrounding survivors and healthcare workers. “I took precautions and kept oral consultancy with proper distance and PPE. I did the best I could do,” adds Piyush.

Dr Piyush, the Corona Champion, intends to send a simple message to everyone fearing the virus. “Don’t panic. There are many more recovered cases in India as compared to other nations. Even if the lockdown eases, older people, or those with hypertension, diabetes have to take extra care. When you go to a doctor, please listen when they advise you to get an X-ray or a swab done. Try to educate people about the situation and spread awareness. Only 10 % of people will stigmatize you, so the best way is to ignore it. So don’t worry, eat healthily, and recover faster.”

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