3 Years’ Achievements – Ministry of Textiles

Ankit Kukreja
19 Jul 2017

During the last three years, Ministry of Textiles has taken several measures for participative and inclusive development in textile sector. Special package for apparels and made-ups was introduced to boost exports, attract investment and create employment opportunities. The package is designed to create one crore jobs in three years, increase the export by USD 30 billion and investments by INR 74000 crores. For development of textile infrastructure, under Scheme of Integrated Textile Park (SITP), Ministry has sanctioned 19 new textile parks and is facilitating investments up to 6400 crores and generating employment for 50,000 people. Special projects for Integrated Development and Promotion of Handicrafts have been sanctioned in 10 states to benefit many artisans. Ministry is implementing Integrated Skill Development Scheme (ISDS), an employment linked training programme, where 7.75 lakh individuals have been trained in last three years. Ministry has taken various steps for promotion of handlooms, organized textile industry in North East region, technical textile & carpet weaving. Ministry have also taken various initiatives to support textile processing & cotton sector, to enhance production and quality of silk, for modernization of power looms, for development of Jute sector, for capacity building in fashion technology and for promotion of wool sector.

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