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Success Stories on Health Sector

28 Nov 2015


Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India has encouraged piloting and scaling up of innovations and good practices to improve health outcomes. It is an essential part of National Health Mission and the states are supported to pilot & field test innovations. These are being encouraged through national consultations to reward good practices and innovations. This summit is an effort to systematically identify innovations which can have a high impact to address morbidity and mortality and facilitate their prompt scale up through a platform, which would provide repository, learnings, information on enabling milieu and cross-learnings.

To convert our phenomenal economic growth, high quality medical care and available technology into social well-being and happiness, one of the most important steps is identification, assessment and progressive uptake of innovations developed and successfully implemented in India…..View E-book

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  • PARESH PANDEY - 5 years ago

    The CGHS scheme should be extended to the private individuals as well who can pay premium like the government employees.It will be a big support to the middle income group people. The way doctors and pathologies exploit patients this scheme can be a solace to the people who can pay for it. For this purpose health insurance companies can be made partners.

  • Rahul Agarwal_74 - 5 years ago

    dear NM

    I only want to say… please decrease or remove taxes on healthcare medicines and give some relief to healthcare professionals to overall decrease cost of healthcare and make it more affordable. Anyway government is not spending much on healthcare atleast dont put taxes on private sectors who are taking care of the health of the citizens. Thank you.

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