The MyGov Journey (26th july 2014 – 26th july 2015)

MyGov Team
15 Aug 2015

The MyGov Journey

MyGov- An Overview :

The Indian democracy is experiencing a changing trend-focus on government with an increase in citizen participation. Leading this movement is Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He understands the true potential of technology and thus, within 2 months of assuming office, MyGov was launched. It is a unique platform which uses technology to enable participation of citizens and all stakeholders in policy-making , thus ushering the path to make development paradigm a mass movement………Open Ebook

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  • ANKIT MOTA - 6 years ago

    MyGov though is an innovative idea, but we must know or atleast be informed that our suggestions have reached concerned officer or dept. and in few cases recommendation are accepted which will motivate citizens more

  • P A Cariappa - 6 years ago

    Dear Sir,
    I am P A Cariappa, I love " My Government " because there are huge number of
    task , which is given to " General Public " ,and the real facts , are kept in front
    of public , and seek Answers from us, according to this we can solve each problem.

    P A Cariappa.

  • P A Cariappa - 7 years ago

    Dear Sir,
    I am P A Cariappa, I t is true that after " MY GOVERNMENT" came in to existence,
    there is a vast improvement , and the " World" is looking forward to " INVEST" in India,
    and I have got positive Response to " MAKE IN INDIA" Concept, and also the days are nearer
    for every State to become " Smarter, and also Climatic condition of India Improve.

    P A Cariappa.

  • ARUN KUMAR GUPTA - 7 years ago

    It was an honour for me to interact with Hon’ble PM on July 1, 2015 at 7RCR.I could never imagine that my ideas and suggestions, whatever good and practical it may be, would be appreciated and accepted by Government and I would be invited to meet the Hon’ble PM of country.I thank MyGov team for organising the memorable interaction.