Feedback Testimonials by MyGov Interns

MyGov Team
30 Mar 2022

1) Hi there! Shreyas Shewale here, MyGov Intern

It is often said in German, “Erfahrung ist die beste lehrer“, it implies that “the experience is the best teacher“. At MyGov, being an intern, I was facilitated with a plethora of experiences to learn and contribute to the process of nation building. I acted as an intermediary or link between MyGov and citizens for citizen engagement via various initiatives. As an intern, there was a lot for me to explore and get exposed to in the domains of research, content, communications and citizens’ engagement. Another by-product of this internship was abundant knowledge on Govt. policies and procedures and how Govt. functions/operates in this regard.

So, usually my day used to begin with extensive research on social media sites as we interns were expected to submit stories/real life anecdotes on each day for our Hon’ble PM’s Mann ki Baat and also weekly tasks of blog writing and other such tasks on the allocated topics. A day used to be felt incomplete without doing this, as this was much loved by all. However, the work wasn’t just ghettoized to this…I as an intern thought to go an extra mile by participating in MyGov initiatives on a daily basis and engaging citizens in those initiatives on various social media platforms. There are quizzes, pledges, podcasts and discussions forum on MyGov website which I participated in, and every Indian must participate in. One more activity I pursued that deserves a mention here is of the “Referral Program of MyGov” where we were given referral codes and were asked to create awareness about MyGov among our personal & professional network and help them register at MyGov so that the reach or access of MyGov family, expands manifold. This too was quite a learning experience for me.

I was also selected for an “SEO (Keywords) Project” where I got an opportunity to work on the YouTube channel of MyGov and dwell more into the digital marketing realm of it which also helped me in one of my academic projects at my college.

On the basis of my performance, I received 1 month’s extension for my internship, and this made me dive deeper in respect to my experiences, learnings and contributions.

Special thanks to the whole team of MyGov as I found the team of MyGov to be amicable which helped me grow as an individual and also to network myself, professionally, with the team. MyGov and its team is always ready to offer mentorship to its interns in any aspects of the internship.

Also, I take this opportunity to place on record, my sincere gratitude and respect to MyGov for this internship.

Well, to encapsulate my experiences as a MyGov Intern, I can unequivocally cite those to be exemplary & exceptional. Thank-you, MyGov!

2) First of all I would like to thank for providing me this wonderful learning opportunity. There were many things we gone through but the best thing was the platform I got to engage with people, those people who are doing something good for the society but were unsung, and MyGov provide them the opportunity to come forward and provided me the chance to interact with those people. The essay writing task genuinely help me enhancing my thinking ability, to think beyond the boundaries and come up with new task. Not only this but I was even given the chance to put my views forward for the Budget 2022, and that moment I felt my views matter as a citizen. The daily story submission task was so extensive but at the same time help us to learn about recent government initiatives, people who are working for those initiatives and those who are in a need for that.

This internship help me develop a different kind of confidence, the confidence to interact with people, to speak in public, to encourage and motivate others, to learn from others and the way people used to see a changemaker in me when I interact with them as a MyGOV Intern was a once in a lifetime opportunity which I feel that every student must avail in their career.

Not only this but I was even recognised as Women’s Icon of Durg City 2022 because of my work that I was doing with MyGOV. So, thankyou the entire team for this providing me this intellectual journey.

[These are 2 different blogs collated as a single blog written by our MyGov Saathis Shreyas Shewale, and Shrutee Bepari respectively.]

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