Hamare Mann Ki Baat

MyGov Team
18 Jan 2016


The Beginning..

A remarkable chapter was scripted in the history of Indian governance in 2014 with the announcement of the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s periodic radio address. Not only did the Prime Minister invited ideas on the name of the proposed program, but also called upon the citizens to suggest the nature, structure, themes and frequency of the programme on MyGov. Since then, MyGov has been catalyzing ideas and suggestions for the radio programme, titled “Mann Ki Baat”. From the first episode on 3rd October 2014, Mann Ki Baat continues to touch the lives of millions of citizens.

“People-powered” in the truest sense…

From ideas to tackle drug abuse to addressing students before exams, Mann Ki Baat has been a source of inspiration, a spirit boosting interaction, a programme which voices the suggestions of the Indians across all regions, age-groups and professions.

PM dedicated the episode of November 2014 on tackling drug abuse and a lot of comments on the widespread menace were received on MyGov. PM also took Abhishek Pareekh’s suggestion into consideration. The broadcasts have been both subject specific, as well as roving discussions around a range of themes shared with us by citizens through comments on MyGov, letters and emails.

January 2015 saw the Indian Prime Minister and US President jointly addressing a special episode of Mann Ki Baat. This was the first time these two world leaders came together on radio, which witnessed unprecedented enthusiasm of citizens around the world who poured in their ideas and thoughts for the special episode on MyGov and social media.

It was that time of the year again when youngsters across the country were gearing up for Boards and competitive exams. It was in these anxious times that the Prime Minister shared a lighter moment with these youngsters in the February 2015 edition of Mann Ki Baat. Students, parents, guardians and teachers shared their words of advice, experiences of dealing with exams in large numbers across various platforms, including MyGov. A special e-book was also dedicated to this episode which compiled the thoughts shared by citizens from different walks of life.

(Click here to read the e-book)

As a committed and socially-conscious citizen, Raviprasad Kamath made it a point to contribute his ideas on MyGov for several Mann Ki Baat episodes as well as other MyGov discussions. His message to students appearing for examinations was Dear students, always be a warrior not worrier! Be it exams or anything else.” His continuous engagement on MyGov and valued suggestions for Mann Ki Baat not only found mention in the episode but also gave him the opportunity to meet the PM in person.

mann ki baat blog image

(Dated:1st July 2015, Raviprasad Kamath with PM Narendra Modi)

Similarly, the collective concern for road safety voiced by citizens like Akshay Hoskote, Prasanna Kakunje and Ameya Joshi on MyGov also was reaffirmed by the Prime Minister in Mann Ki Baat.

The tenth episode of Mann Ki Baat on 26th July 2015 was truly a special one as MyGov completed one year of its existence. The Prime Minister recognized MyGov’s efforts in strengthening participatory governance and in making people equal partners in the decision-making process.

It is with the sustained engagement of citizens like Suchitra Raghavachari, Gautam Pal, Prakash Tripathi, Bharat Gupta, Parimal Shah that the programme has become ‘people-powered’ in the truest sense over the last fifteen episodes.

Taking Citizen-sourcing a step further…

In September 2015, yet another milestone was achieved as the facility to record voice messages for Mann Ki Baat was introduced. Since then, an overwhelming 1.43 lakh voice messages from across the length and breadth of India have been recorded.  The voice message of this young child is a testimony to the fact that Mann Ki Baat has indeed fostered the spirit of Jan Bhagidaari among citizens across all age groups.

Fifteen episodes and counting..

Mann-Ki-Baat (1)

“It was one of the happiest moments of my life when the PM took my name,” said Ganesh Venkatadri on his name being mentioned by PM Narendra Modi in the very first episode of Mann Ki Baat.


It is with this empowering mission that MyGov continues to make the Prime Minister’s  radio address not only the PM’s, but every Indian’s “Mann Ki Baat”.


– Gaurav Dwivedi

CEO, MyGov

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  • Dharmendra kumar - 7 years ago

    Vary nice

  • NITIN KHURANA - 7 years ago

    Honourable PM Modi Ji,
    you are requested to build a law for proctection of men’s rights and men from false cased like dowry/domestic violance/ mentainace and other weapons given to womens for harrasing their husband and in-laws family members. The women and their parents using these laws for giving mental torture to the innocent persons who had not done anything. some men decided to quit their lives and suicide by irritating from false cases. sir pls do some neccessary action to save men’s.

  • Tarun Taunk - 7 years ago

    पेट्रोल डीजल तथा अन्य वास्तु पर बढ़ाया गया टैक्स आने वाला वेतन आयोग और पेंशन वालो को देना है !

    देश के बारे में और आम आदमी के बारे में भी सोचे !
    सरकार आगामी बजट में निजी संस्था को प्रोतशाहन दे!

  • ANUP KUMAR SENAPATI - 7 years ago

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    • ANUP KUMAR SENAPATI - 7 years ago

      if anyone had time to read about this fraud company.than please prosecute these spineless cowards and return our hard earned money so that we can live in peace.in 2016 when we talk about ecommerce and get to know about these frauds done to the citizens,we feel ashamed to live in a contry where honesty is the best policy is our motto.i know it is in you capability to catch these criminals.plz log on to shop it today pvt complaints and you will get to know about them.OR ELSE WE ARE HELPLESS VOTERS

  • Shamsunder Gawade - 7 years ago


    Sir, let us know, Why our Konkan Railway alway out of time? Specially Diva Sawantwadi always late by Two to Three Hours.

    Thank You,

  • Jnyanendra kumar gupta - 7 years ago

    Sir I would like to suggest plantation of fruit bearing trees on the side walk by the civic authorities so that the poor people can eat fruits growing on them. This will also bring about reduction in pollution and bring various birds to our country.

  • mukul chandra joshi - 7 years ago

    Sir am 80 yrs. old mukul chandra joshi ex. Indian Air Force Junior Warrant Officer doing ekla chalo abhiyan to bring awareness among people of Noida UP for last 14 yrs.to follow TRAFFIC RULES,electric/print media has time again high lighted my abhiyan.few articles on my abhiyan in GOOGLE as trafficbaba noida and UTUBE vedios,my request to our Honourable Prime Minister to take this topic for MAN KI BAT as our country has maximum road accident deaths,last year 158000 fatal casualties JAIHIND

  • sunil badola_1 - 7 years ago

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    9899463277 EMAIL: sunilbadola1@gmail.com

  • sunil badola_1 - 7 years ago

    Respected Sir,ma’m
    I am Sunil Badola From
    block-pokhra,pauri garhwal uttarakhand.
    Sir Iam disappointed because there had been two survey in Badolgaon byURRDA Department under pradhanmantri gram sadak yojana. Recently i talked to Ashok kumar Adhi.Abhi. (from satpuli) on telephone.he told me that he had sent the GPR of this road to the URRDA Department and they had entried it. Then i called to Mr.joginder and he is saying that they didn’t get any GPR. Sir we have

  • rajkumar pandey - 7 years ago

    Whether every entry in mann ki baat reaches PM? Whether every idea given in mann ki baat is read by someone in central government, no one knows? Due to these doubts, large number of people, who gave their ideas from Oct 2014, are leaving it. To maintain interest, it is necessary that every entry is processed and follow up action on his idea is intimated to that citizen, who has spared his time and experience and contributed to this site. Two way participation alone can keep it alive.