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07 Oct 2022

In our pursuit to achieve business continuity and keeping in mind the diversity of buyers, the GeM services team is continuously investing time in researching new services.

Our Design thinking approach by empathising with buyers helps us understand what kind of services buyers want and how we can bring the right service providers related to those services on GeM.

Keeping the same in mind, GeM has come up with the following services which have been launched recently on GeM and are being appreciated by buyers across all departments.

Recently launched most impactful services on GeM are:

 Data Warehouse Consulting Service – The Buyer needs to hire the consultants/consulting agency, where the consultants will do the advisory for implementing the data warehouse solutions. The Consultant shall provide the comprehensive implementation roadmap for Data Warehouse solution end to end.

Data Warehousing Services – On-Prem / On-Cloud Service – The Service Provider is hired for deployment of the data warehouse software solutions wither on cloud or at buyer’s premise.

Goods And Transport Service for Over Dimensional Cargo (ODC) Service – This service is created to cater to the need of the buyer to transport specially Over Dimensional Cargo (ODC) to any location Pan India.

Mines/Minerals Drilling Services – Mines/Minerals Drilling is a form of drilling used to determine the material composition of soil in different locations and to discover mineral-rich drilling sites and ore deposits.

Oil and Gas Drilling Service – Oil & Gas Drilling service is used to achieve an oil well which is a boring in the Earth that is designed to bring petroleum oil hydrocarbons to the surface.

Water Drilling Service – Water drilling is the process of drilling a hole in the ground for the extraction of groundwater for the injection of a fluid from the surface to a subsurface reservoir or for subsurface formations evaluation or monitoring.

Data Anonymization Service – Data anonymization service refers to the method of preserving private or confidential information by deleting or encoding PII that link individuals to the stored data to prevent misuse of the data.

Data Annotation Service – Data Annotation is about labelling or tagging relevant information/metadata in a dataset to let machines understand the nature of data which could be in any form i.e., image, an audio file, video footage, or text. With data annotation, an AI model would know if the data it receives is audio, video, text, graphics, or a mix of formats. s.

AMC of Integrated Security and Surveillance System Service – The objective of this service is to ensure the consistent maintenance service of integrated security and surveillance system to buyer by service provider.

Cash In Transit Service – Cash in Transit involves picking up cash in locked steel containers by engaging suitable personnel and delivering it in dedicated secured cash vans at the destination and vice versa.  Typically, public sector banks require this service to safely transport cash from the currency chest to the bank/branch.

System Integration Service to Integrate IoT Sensor-Based Monitoring of Rural Water Supply Systems Service – The scope of system integrator/service provider (SI) would be to implement the IoT sensor- based measurement and monitoring of rural water supply system covering supply, installation, testing, commissioning and operation and maintenance.

Mine development & Operations Service – Mine Development & Operations Service (MDO) is one of the models of operation for mining adopted in India. The MDO shall plan, design, engineer, finance, construct, develop and operate and maintain the Mine; carry out land acquisition and R&R and shall carry out all works incidental to mining, processing, and transportation of minerals up to Transfer Point/Delivery point.

There are more services that we are working on and would be made available to the buyers in coming months, few of such services are:

Hiring of Boat and Hiring of Vessel Service – The Service Provider shall supply, manning, operation, and maintenance the required boats to the Buyer site as per the specifications mentioned by the Buyer.

Design, Supply, Installation and Commissioning and Maintenance of Roof Top Solar Power Plant Service – Service ensures that Bioenergy Renewable energy is available and provides energy for electricity generation to a grid, air and water heating/cooling, and stand-alone power systems.

Outdoor Advertising service – The service typically involves printing, mounting, maintenance, monitoring, and dismantling of outdoor media as required.

Hiring of Water Tanker Service – Water Supply through tanker services is one of the most important services as it plays a pivotal role in the supply of water from the feeder point to the locations where there is water scarcity or water availability is a challenge.

DTH/Cable service – Direct-To-Home (DTH) is the delivery of satellite services directly to consumer households enabled by individual reception systems (antenna/dish and satellite Integrated Receiver-Decoder (IRD)/receiver) whereas in Digital Cable TV, service providers deliver digital signal to consumers’ doorstep.

Hiring of agency for achieving climate action targets Service – Reducing emissions and balancing them with carbon offsets is a key goal for organizations striving for sustainability and decarbonized economy. This transition entails making changes to current processes and reducing emissions and even preventing carbon from entering the atmosphere altogether (carbon scrubbing).

With the expanded bouquet of services, we look forward to more buyer delights and higher procurement opportunities through GeM.

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