Quarantine Days, a moment to pause, think, and act wisely!

Team MyGov
30 Dec 2021

India has achieved success in organizing the largest vaccination drive and we are also performing well in all aspects but at the same time, people should also have to keep in mind that the battle with corona persists.  COVID 19-vaccines are effective and can reduce the risk of getting and spreading the virus that causes COVID-19. Learn more about the different COVID-19 vaccines. COVID-19 vaccines also help children and adults from getting seriously ill even if they do get COVID-19.

Vaccine hesitancy is prevalent in rich and poor regions alike and can be found among individuals of various socioeconomic, cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds. Hesitancy can stem from marginalization and social exclusion, negative experiences at health services, misinformation about vaccines circulated on unregulated social media platforms, or a lack of trust in authorities and institutions. Determinants of vaccine hesitancy can be grouped into vaccine-specific issues.

We already achieved the biggest milestone but there are yet another aspects that people need to follow so that they can help the government in battling this deadly virus as the battle is not over yet. Omicron is on the way and we will surely be able to defeat if we are united.

Here is a poem I have written during my lockdown:-

Quarantine days 

All of us are facing this lockdown,
As we all are wearing a quarantine crown.
No one had ever thought it before,
That in the world coronavirus would get a chance to explore.
People are following social distancing,
While many are confined to this harmful ring.
So stay safe,stay home it’s humble request to all,
Follow all norms before corona’s call.
Many are enhancing their cooking skill,
While some are relaxing with a cup of chill.
We all know it’s a typical situation,
But we are following modiji’s task with full of deliberation.
So guys there’s no need to panic,
As we can see the surroundings in  panoramic.
This lockdown also brings advantages here,
Due to this we are able to see the clearance of air.
We all have some wishes,
But due to busy schedule we are unable to fullfill.
So here comes the time to accomplish all ur dreams,
That makes ur day with full of gleam.
We can complete our favourite task,
But don’t forget to wear the mask.
So fight this epidemic with full of potential,
But social distancing is much essential.
So stay healthy and safe at the home,
But we should never leave the hope,
We will be able to oppose this corona devil,
By wrangling it at the grassroot level.
Stay happy, stay safe and pray for your nation,
As we all are unique god’s creation.
So be calm and keep patience in these quarantine days,
A day will come where we can see free world from corona in all the bays.

[Rashi, MyGov Sathi penned it during the lockdown]

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