EK BHARAT SHRESTHA BHARAT Quiz Winner Announcement

26 Oct 2020

The Ministry of Tourism is pleased to declare the winners of Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat Quiz Contests organized in order to create interest and awareness amongst the general public on various tourist destinations and encourage them to visit different tourist destinations in Incredible India.  The quiz questions were about the pairing states in general with an emphasis on Tourism, Culture, and History of the particular state. The Quiz Competition was organized with effect from 1st January to 30th June 2020 on the MyGov Platform.

The nationwide quiz contest got tremendous response across the country. The Total Number of Participants for Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat Quiz Contest was 4,33,680. The Top city’s engagement was distributed to North, South, and Central parts of the Country as Delhi, Lucknow, Pune, Hyderabad & Patna. 18-24 age group was the most engaging, which means youngsters were enthusiastically showing more interest followed by 25-34 age group people.

The following Winners of the Quiz Competition have been selected online on the basis of correct answers and minimum time taken to answer the questions:


Quiz State Andhra Pradesh
Paired State Punjab
Name Priyanka Kondapaneni  (User ID 17496004)
Quiz State Punjab 
Paired State Andhra Pradesh
Name Suresh Gehlot (User ID 2658374)
Quiz State J&K and Ladakh
Paired State Tamilnadu
Name Kirthana (User ID 16258554)
Quiz State Tamilnadu
Paired State 1 J&K
Name  NAVNEET  (User ID 2754994)
Paired State 2 Ladakh
Name Vijayadarshini (User Id 17330374)
Quiz State Himachal Pradesh
Paired State Kerala
Name Saraswathy N  (User ID 471556)
Quiz State Kerala
Paired State Himachal Pradesh
Name Sanjay Mishra (User ID 6114254)
Quiz State Madhya Pradesh
Paired State 1 Manipur
Name RICHARD KONSAM (User ID 12337834)
Paired State 2 Nagaland
Name Bisesh Paul  (User ID 7712614)
Quiz State Manipur & Nagaland
Paired State Madhya Pradesh
Name Ajeet_Upadhyay (User ID 15610024)
Quiz State Uttar Pradesh 
Paired State 1 Arunachal Pradesh
Name Sonu Kumari  (User ID 17899614)
Paired State 2 Meghalaya
Name Angad Tiwari (User ID 17793004)
Quiz State Arunachal Pradesh & Meghalaya
Paired State Uttar Pradesh
Name Rohit Kumar (User ID 17571534)
Quiz State Karnataka
Paired State Uttrakhand
Name Akshit Kukreti  (User ID 17689054)
Quiz State Uttrakhand
Paired State Karnataka
Name : Krish 25022003 (User ID 7389364)
Quiz State Bihar
Paired State 1 Tripura
Name Aditya Kumar (User ID 7510214)
Paired State 2 Mizoram
Name Lalrohlua Ngente (User ID 18118254)
Quiz State Tripura & Mizoram  
Paired State Bihar
Name Anand Ranjan Prasad (User ID 16040414)
Quiz State Haryana
Paired State Telangana
Name Siri Reddy (User ID 18097004)
Quiz State Telangana
Paired State Haryana
Name Shubham (User ID 4203574)
Quiz State Rajasthan
Paired State Assam
Name Ruturaj Borah (User ID 6272514)
Quiz State Assam
Paired State Rajasthan
Name Jitesh Rajwani  (User ID 18396064)
Quiz State Gujarat
Paired State Chhattisgarh
Name Ishan Verma (User ID 1380114)
Quiz State Chhattisgarh
Paired State Gujarat
Name Viradiya Ravi Jagdishbhai (User ID 17521874)
Quiz State Maharashtra
Paired State Odisha
Name Bijan Kumar Panigrahi  (User ID 2447694)
Quiz State Odisha
Paired State Maharashtra
Name Ritesh Nagmote (User ID 674219)
Quiz State Goa
Paired State Jharkhand
Name Mansi Kumari (User ID 19232514)
Quiz State Jharkhand
Paired State Goa
Name Diana Colaco  (User ID 449918)
Quiz State Delhi
Paired State Sikkim
Name Nirmal Bhattarai (User ID  )
Quiz State Sikkim
Paired State Delhi
Name Arushi Bansal (User ID 20420954)
Quiz State Chandigarh
Paired State Dadra & Nagar Haveli
Name Mohit Patil  (User ID 21525254)
Quiz State Dadra & Nagar Haveli
Paired State Chandigarh
Name Vineet Kumar tiwati (User ID 54750)
Quiz State Puducherry
Paired State Daman & Diu
Name Sushil Anilkumar Chauhan  (User ID 21621634)
Quiz State Daman & Diu
Paired State Puducherry
Name Suganthi vijayasankaran (User ID 22085724)
Quiz State Andaman and Nicobar Quiz
Paired State Lakshdeep
Name Nisha Tamal (User ID 22288424)
Quiz State Lakshdeep Quiz
Paired State Andaman and Nicobar
Name Himanshu Kumar Gupta (User ID 22387304)


The prize for the winners would be an all-paid trip to the pairing state for winner + one companion (2 Nights and 3 Days on a fixed itinerary).

Hearty Congratulations to the winners!!!

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