Empowering Women and Fostering Inclusive Governance

01 Sep 2023

Arunachal Pradesh is among the noted states in India for its commitment towards women’s and children’s safety as well as progress. Here, equality reigns supreme, and women are revered for their invaluable contributions to society. Whether it is excelling in agriculture, academia, or preserving cultural heritage, females are held in high regard, matching their male counterparts in strength, knowledge, and societal impact. Join us as we discuss the empowering atmosphere in Arunachal Pradesh, where a woman’s potential knows no limitations and Govt. interventions have further uplifted several women wings in the state.

Uplifting Women Self – Help Groups

The state government of Arunachal Pradesh is marking a silent revolution by transforming the lives of its women and bringing about a positive change in the socio-economic fabric of the state. This revolution is none other than the empowering movement that has mobilized a staggering 67,280 women into 8,410 self-help groups (SHGs), igniting a wave of empowerment and driving economic progress across the region.

This wave of empowerment has not only resulted in statistical gains; it has also been seen in specific measures that have resulted in long-lasting, significant change. In-depth training has been provided to more than 1,100 SHGs, giving women of Arunachal the tools, knowledge, and self-assurance they need to succeed as independent business women. The opening of more than 6,000 bank accounts, which demonstrates the women’s increased financial independence, is a testament to this initiative.

Nevertheless, the journey continues beyond this. These SHGs have served as both change agents and entry points for financial inclusion. Women now have access to capital for their initiatives owing to credit linkage with more than 2,500 SHGs, opening up new avenues for growth and development. The fact that 500 SHGs each have a ₹1,000,000 Fixed Deposit seeded in their bank accounts, acting as a beacon of monetary security and confidence, amplifies the impact.

The commitment toward women’s empowerment is ingrained in every layer of Arunachal’s policy framework. A remarkable example of this is the Atmanirbhar Arunachal scheme, where 50% of the funds have been earmarked for SHGs. This forward-thinking initiative, coupled with a ₹14 crore-bank credit to SHGs, has catalyzed economic activity and paved the way for sustainable growth.

Giving Wings to Girl Child

The essence of empowerment extends beyond the present moment and spans across generations. The Dulari Kanya Yojana eloquently reflects the state’s progressive attitude towards women’s empowerment. The initiative’s decision to deposit a fixed deposit of ₹25,000 in the accounts of 8,371 girl children born during the Golden Jubilee Year is a commitment to a better future, nourishing hopes, and securing aspirations.

Arunachal Pradesh fully comprehends the importance of education as a weapon for empowerment. The state is investing in education and promoting the belief that every girl’s dreams are valuable and achievable by depositing a ₹10,000 fixed deposit in the bank accounts of girl children, payable upon clearing their Class XII exams.

Healthcare & Accessibility for Females

Additionally, women’s empowerment transcends all spheres of life and is not limited to just one. Therefore, Arunachal is fostering the health and wellbeing of its women and future generations by providing coverage to 1,80,000 pregnant women, nursing mothers, and children through 6,225 Anganwadi Centers.

The dedication to women’s advancement also extends to the grassroots level, as demonstrated by the training of 2,839 Anganwadi workers in the Poshan Tracker Abhiyan. This demonstrates a holistic approach to empowerment that places equal emphasis on fostering healthy lives and robust communities as well as financial development.

In conclusion, Arunachal Pradesh’s commitment to women’s empowerment serves as proof of its proactive attitude and persistent drive to build a better, future that is more inclusive. Although the numbers speak for itself, it’s the quality of transformation unfolded through the stories of determination, perseverance and progress, that best express the spirit of this effort. These women beneficiaries portray an incredible representation of a state on the verge of transformation—a state that believes in the potential of its women and is making great strides towards a wealthy and equal society.

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