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Goalpara – Abound With Nature & Spirituality

22 Nov 2018

Goalpara situated in western part of Assam offers multiple choices of retreat to travellers. From experiencing the rich Vaishnavite culture to seeking tranquillity in one of the lakes to mounting up the hill of Dadan. This region has it all.

Tourism spots in and around Goalpara
Urpad Beel– Situated around 9 km from Goalpara town, this natural lake is one of the biggest lakes in western Assam. This lake exudes rich flora and fauna as it abounds by water plants such as lily, water hyacinth; fish and migratory birds.

Kumri Lake – Unwind yourself at Kumri lake and experience the tranquillity amid lush greenery and marshy lands. Just 1 km away from Narnarayan Setu, this lake draws a number of travellers and photographers to satiate their wanderlust.

Sri Surya Pahar – A hilly terrain consisting of several rock-cut Shiva lingas, stupas and deities of Hindu, Buddhist and Jain. Situated on the banks of Brahmaputra, this relic-rich hill is around 12 km away from Goalpara town. The intricate designs of the houses on Surya Pahar and the antiques are a real treat for the eyes and mind.
A unique thing about Surya Pahar is that it holds no prejudice against any religion, caste, creed and sex and welcomes people of various backgrounds.
Another unique thing about Surya Pahar is that it houses 9999 Shiva Lingas in the area.


Dadan Hill – This is another archaeological site in Goalpara which possesses amazing rock sculpture and figurines dating back to ancient times. Atop the hill, there is a Shiva temple built by a disciple of Lord Shiva named Dadan.
Besides, the hill offers a breathtaking view of the lush green mountains, river and forest. It is also an ideal trekking destination.

Other destinations:
Sri Sri Shyamrai Satra – A community prayer hall amid the town of Goalpara reflects the rich Vaishanvite culture propagated by saint Srimanta Sankardev. Significance of this satra is that the asthi of the saint is preserved here.

Majhar Shariff – Witness the tomb constructed in memory of Pir Sayed Abul Kasem. The Majhar Shariff is located amid evergreen forests and vivid landscape.

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