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08 Aug 2014

All of us dream of Green and Pollution free India. The wish has got the support of our government now that MyGov site has the ‘Green India’ group. Since its launch barely a week back the group has seen more than 48,000 members.

The members hold discussion on two topics –

  1. Through sound and innovative policies, how can we achieve both development and a clean environment?
  2. Can only Government mitigate the menace of climate change or is public participation the way ahead?


The members are also actively taking part in the four tasks assigned to them –

  1. Share 10 global and domestic best practices adopted in order to improve environmental conditions in a particular area.
  2. Prepare a policy document with ideas and suggestions on how to further promote tourism.
  3. Share a media album capturing the various shades of any one wildlife park, natural reserve, etc.
  4. Volunteer at a local eco-centre.

The enthusiasts who want India to be green suggest various ways like opting for the bio gas plants, setting up special audit team for emission check for all vehicles, charging extra money for use of plastic bags and refund of money when the bag is returned, holding regular tree plantation program with the help of local MLAs and MLCs to 100% solar powered street lights in the cities. It was felt by the members that government will have to come up with some way to encourage people to care for the environment and not neglect it.

Many members suggested that if children are taught the importance of conserving natural resources it will help India in long run. One way suggested to teach children was to show them videos of Japanese children practising cleanliness. Many members brought to the notice that students are only taught to practise cleanliness at home and school. They should be taught about the importance of protecting the environment and this should be made part of their curriculum.

Here are few verbatim comments from the Green India supporters:

  1. Massive mass media campaigning, awareness and Government policies to support more and more towards harnessing the solar power, and a strict environment law to prevent pollution, garbage, throwing waste on roads, spitting on the walls, urinating etc.
  2. Sewage Treatment Plants are very important to keep our sea waters clean and fresh. In Pondicherry entire waste is going to the Sea by two canals without treatment. Singapore environment policies could be adapted.
  3. Sir, I think BIO GAS PLANTS are one of the best way in order to keep coordination with the Development and a clean environment as it has number of advantages like electricity generation, Bio methane fuel, manure generation , which will help in solving the problem of power crises especially in rural areas and also it will help the farmers to use natural means for cultivation instead of using fertilizers, which will help in reducing the burden of subsidy from the government and also it is clean too.
  4. Government must ban all vehicle that are only used for advertisement. This will reduce traffic, fuel consumption, air, sound & light pollution.
  5. The policies have to basically help the people and environment – Mining in restricted areas – Animal husbandry whereby fodder is obtained at subsidised rates – Even dung used as fuel should be given proper market (Environment friendly), Create demand by promoting products like- Solar panels, windmills, less deforestation – Harness power from ocean waves and rivers (or Hydropower) – All schools should insist that each student should plant a tree, every year a new batch plants.
  6. Make it mandatory for apartment which has 50+ flats that whole roof should be covered by solar system to generate solar energy. Waste management should be proper and converted to some useful thing in the apartment or in the locality itself.
  7. Make available cheaper and faster public transport system in the city to discourage use of personal cars.
  8. Make Rain water harvesting mandatory for every house hold.
  9. Public participation is must when it comes to making India green but the starting or policy making is made by government. Use MNERGA to encourage commercial and organic planting of trees.

You can join this Group, if you are signed in!!

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  • kavita Talati - 8 years ago

    Plastic bag usage should be minimized, so as to promote the paper bag usage at all commercial places. It will tremendously help to bring down the cost of waste management. Recycling of paper products is easy, cost effective and environment friendly.

  • satapurinaveen - 8 years ago

    ancient plantation methods and horticulture engineering and plantation science must be developed.50% of f.d.i must be implemented.

  • dinakaran Pothipichai - 8 years ago

    Increasing MNREGA effectiveness:
    POST (5)

    Mind you that is on the assumption that it is just 1 tree per person per year. Imagine how many trees can be planted and cured by a person in 1 working day.

  • dinakaran Pothipichai - 8 years ago

    Increasing MNREGA effectiveness:
    POST (4)
    3. Employing MNREGA employees working through out the years means tree saplings could get round the clock 365 days care.

    There are approximately 27 crores registered MNREGA employees in India. Even if we can produce 50% the number of trees as the number of MNREGA registered employees per year we can make roughly 13.5crore trees per year.

  • dinakaran Pothipichai - 8 years ago

    Increasing MNREGA effectiveness:
    POST (3)
    A year can be split into Monsoon days and non Monsoon days. And MNREGA employees work can be scheduled so that they work continuously throughout the year.
    1. Most of the tree planting can be done in Monsoon days and watering it if there are no rains.
    2. Most of the watering and care for the plants and tree saplings during non monsoon days.

    • Ganesan RP - 7 years ago

      Correct. Tree plantation during monsoon days, no other work. Balance of Monsoon days they should go to farm, where in peak demand prevails during monsoon days, which also helps us get food

  • dinakaran Pothipichai - 8 years ago

    Increasing MNREGA effectiveness:
    POST (2) CONTD…
    2. Reduce pollution, Reduce Global warming, Increase Rain.
    3. Sense of great satisfaction and achievement to MNREGA employees.
    4. Doesnt need very strong and young people like agriculture or other labour intensive jobs. Hence all age categories, men and women, young and old can be employed.

  • dinakaran Pothipichai - 8 years ago

    Increasing MNREGA effectiveness:
    POST (1)
    The idea is simple. Ask all MNREGA enrolled employees to plant ang grow trees across the spectrum where ever possible instead of just digging some place which doesn’t have to be dug or simply getting wages for doing nothing.
    Project can be extended to Urban areas if found successful in village areas.
    The advantage is,
    1. Creates a Green environment and asset for our future generations.

  • NARASIMHAN_3 - 8 years ago

    To minimize the huge quantum of energy spent on road transport, ‘Cycle Booths’ can be established.Concept: Cycles can be made available at selected locations based on popularity/accessibility.Each cycle shall have unique ID number and a separate bar coded ID card shall be issued to each user. The user shall pay a refundable deposit (about 80-85% of cycle cost). If more number of cycles gets accumulated in a cycle booth periodical transfer of cycles to other booths shall be made.

    • Ganesan RP - 7 years ago

      Cycle Booth may be suitable in moderate climate through out the year, like England & less pollution not like Salem in Tamil nadu Hot & Pollution. I strongly feel, the restrictive policies of states made, local transport ineffective. Allow mini buses, mini vans which will make local commuting cheaper, auto is costly / harassment / cartel system. Many people take car to go around local.

  • Ashish Srivastava_10 - 8 years ago

    sir, I think as we are celebration clean india day as government should hire persons who is searching small places or big area for plating tree to make India green.

  • lokesh verma - 8 years ago

    I have suggestion against bill generation like malls, reliance fresh, big bazaar or any firm to generate sales e-bill(via mail or sms) instead of paper printed bill.