HimCare a boon for people of Himachal

24 Jul 2020

For providing the cashless treatment coverage, the State Government has implemented Himachal Health Care Scheme (HIMCARE). Himachal Pradesh has accomplished this ambitious plan of implementing a digitalized health care programme successfully. The success of this scheme is discernible as 96382 people have received free medical treatment facilities.

96382 people treated cashless so far

HIMCARE provides cashless treatment coverage of up to Rs. 5.00 lakh per year per family, which is being provided on a family floater basis. As many as 96382 people amounting to Rs. 85,36,44,503 have been treated cashless under this vibrant scheme.

The State Government has implemented this scheme with the vision that healthy India could only be achieved if it has healthy citizens. This initiative of digitalizing the health care programme is revolutionary as it is easily available to every eligible beneficiary. The patients don’t have to stand in queue for filling forms, paying dues or treatment entries. Government has found the alternative for this time consuming process and is providing e-cards, e-forms, online treatment entries and cashless transaction management system.

Can now avail the benefits in PGI Chandigarh:

Nearly 200 health institutions are registered to avail benefits of this scheme which includes 56 private hospitals and PGI Chandigarh. From 1st January 2020, new e-cards are being issued by the Government. Serious diseases like cancer, paralysis, muscular dystrophy, cardiovascular diseases, alzheimer and many other are also covered under this scheme.

How to register for the scheme:

  The beneficiary can apply through online system directly by visiting www.hpsbys.in or through Lok Mitra Kendra/Common Service Centers for enrollment and uploading relevant documents under the scheme.

Quality accessibility and affordability is the vision of the scheme :

This e-Health Care initiative has the vision to deliver better health outcomes in terms of accessibility, quality, affordability, and efficient monitoring of health entitlements to citizens.

Such Government schemes promise an increase in health care efficiency, by decreasing costs. Increasing efficiency not only reduces the expenses but at the same time improves the ‘Health’ quality. Ultimately a trust bond is in making in between the HP Government, the patients and the health professionals.

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