Homemade Face Masks to Contain COVID-19

23 Apr 2020

At present, the world is reeling under the disastrous COVID-19 pandemic. Our nation has also been greatly affected by this disease. Both the Central and State governments have been working incessantly to contain this crisis. Along with the initiatives undertaken by the government, we can also adopt certain precautionary measures to stay safe such as maintaining social distancing, frequently washing hands with soap and water, rubbing hands with hand sanitiser, etc. Such efforts can go a long way in controlling the spread of infection.

Another important measure to contain the spread of this highly contagious disease is wearing face masks. It is essential to wear a face mask whenever you leave the house both for your own safety and of those around you. As the demand for commercial face masks is quite high, they can be easily prepared at home with the help of clean cotton fabric, hand/machine sewn in the shape of a face mask.

Things to keep in mind while making homemade face masks:

1) The same face mask should not be worn by multiple users. Every member of the family should have their own face masks.

2) Use a clean fabric to make the face mask.

3) Wash your hands properly before making the face mask.

4) Keep the face masks at a designated place.

5) Make sure the face mask covers the nose/mouth area and fits well.

6) When the face mask turns moist/wet, use another one. Clean the used mask with soap with warm water mixed with salt.

To know more about how to prepare homemade face masks with proper safety measures, click here:

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Currently, there are no vaccinations available for COVID-19. The only way to stay safe from this disease is to adopt precautionary measures and be careful.

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